CFL most outstanding rookie award betting

There is no current market on the Canadian Football League’s Most Outstanding Rookie Award which is handed out to the competitions best-performed first year player.

The award is given at the Shaw CFL Player Awards, with the 2018 edition to be held on November 22 in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Will there ever be betting on the CFL Rookie Award?

Why are there no markets? Largely because Canada does not allow this type of bet and no international bookie has taken on the challenge of framing this type of market.

MVP and rookie awards betting in places like Australia and the United Kingdom, which both have highly developed sports betting regulation, are commonplace for their own domestic sports leagues. And everything in the future points to this option being available to CFL fans.

Player eligibility to win the Rookie of the Year

There are many provisions put on the eligibility of players to win the CFL Most Outstanding Rookie Award, including:

  • Must be on a 44-man CFL squad and have played a regular-season game
  • Cannot have played any games in prior seasons
  • Cannot have played in the NFL at any stage.

How is the voting done?

The CFL head coaches and members of the Canadian media vote on the Most Outstanding Rookie Award winner.

Past winners of the CFL MOR Award

2019: Nate Holley, Calgary
2018: Lewis Ward, Ottawa
2017: James Wilder Jr, Toronto
2016: DaVaris Daniels, Calgary
2015: Derel Walker, Edmonton
2014: Dexter McCoil, Edmonton
2013: Brett Jones, Calgary
2012: Chris Matthews, Winnipeg
2011: Chris Williams, Hamilton
2010: Solomon Elimimian, BC Lions
2009: Martell Mallett, BC Lions
2008: Weston Dressler, Saskatchewan
2007: Cameron Wake, BC Lions
2006: Aaron Hunt, BC Lions
2005: Gavin Walls, Winnipeg
2004: Nikolas Lewis, Calgary
2003: Frank Cutolo, BC Lions
2002: Jason Clermont, BC Lions
2001: Barrin Simpson, BC Lions
2000: Albert Johnson III, Winnipeg
1999: Paul Lacoste, BC Lions
1998: Steve Muhammad, BC Lions
1997: Derrell Mitchell, Toronto
1996: Kelvin Anderson, Calgary
1995: Shalon Baker, Edmonton
1994: Matt Goodwin, Baltimore CFLers
1993: Mike O’Shea, Hamilton
1992: Mike Richardson, Winnipeg
1991: Jon Volpe, BC Lions
1990: Reggie Barnes, Ottawa
1989: Stephen Jordan, Hamilton
1988: Orville Lee, Ottawa
1987: Gil Fenerty, Toronto
1986: Harold Hallman, Calgary
1985: Mike Gray, BC Lions
1984: Dwaine Wilson, Montreal Concordes
1983: Johnny Shepherd, Hamilton
1982: Chris Isaac, Ottawa
1981: Vince Goldsmith, Saskatchewan
1980: William Miller, Winnipeg
1979: Brian Kelly, Edmonton
1978: Joe Poplawski, Winnipeg
1977: Leon Bright, BC Lions
1976: John Sciarra, BC Lions
1975: Tom Clements, Ottawa
1974: Sam Cvijanovich, Toronto
1973: Johnny Rodgers, Montreal
1972: Chuck Ealey, Hamilton