Casino Canberra guide & review

Casino Canberra is no.1 gambling venue in the Australian Capital Territory and the only place to host table games. Casino Canberra is not just a gambling venue, with the precinct also featuring entertainment venues, restaurants and accommodation. Casino Canberra does not however host poker machines, because their license does not allow it.

Gambling games at Casino Canberra

Casino Canberra is allowed to host 39 table games across the venue, but they are restricted when it comes to hosting pokies, or poker machines. This restriction surrounding pokies is brought about because their license does not allow them to have electronic poker machines.

Casino Canberra has desperately tried to secure pokies licenses for some years, but they have had their attempts blocked by the Australian Hotels Association and various government bodies. This is because they believe Casino Canberra having pokies would seriously impact the revenues of other pubs and clubs with poker machines in the state.

This lack of poker machines, which is a staple at most casino venues in Australia, has impacted the ability of Casino Canberra to expand.

The casino games at Casino Canberra include:

  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em: A poker variant that sees players going up against the dealer.
  • Baccarat — Dragon Bonus option: This variant of baccarat plays like the original, but has got a great side bet option. Well worth a look.
  • Stadium Gaming: Stadium Gaming is an electronic version of regular casino games, which are hosted by a live dealer, but each player has a terminal. Available at Casino Canberra is baccarat and roulette.
  • Canberra Poker: We would probably give this a miss if you like poker. Canberra Poker is a simpler version of poker, that only runs one round and is played against the dealer.
  • Blackjack: There are various versions of blackjack available at Casino Canberra, with the aim of this game to beat the dealer.
  • Money Wheel: A game of chance where you bet on numbers, before a dealer spins the wheel. Big winners are made on this Casino Canberra game.
  • Pai Gow: A traditional Chinese game, Pai Gow is a tile-based game that can be confusing for newcomers. You get four tiles, with your aim to make two hands capable of beating the dealer.
  • Poker: All types of poker are available at Casino Canberra, including games won against the dealer, while others will pit you against patrons at the venue. We can vouch for Casino Canberra poker after walking out with a fistful of cash a few years back.
  • Pontoon: Played all round the world, Pontoon is similar in blackjack, but has been adapted into a more household-friendly game.
  • Roulette: One of the most popular games at any casino on our list, roulette is no different at Casino Canberra. You will find tables to suit most levels of player.

Casino Canbera accommodation

While Casino Canberra does not technically have its own accommodation, they do have a partnership with Crowne Plaza Hotel Canberra, which can get customers at the gambling venue a significant discount.

In our experiences Crown Plaza Hotel has rooms to suit most types of punter, with these including luxury and budget options. Both are located within a quick walk to the casino, so you can be playing real money games within minutes.

The Australian Gambling List has not paid relationship with Casino Canberra or any businesses associated with it.

Casino Canbera restaurants and food options

There are several options to find food at Casino Canberra, with these including eating in the sports bar (where you can also bet on sports) and Natural Nine, which is a luxury Chinese restaurant. We have dined at both of these restaurants and had a good experience.

Casino Canbera also has various function rooms and catering facilities, with these able to look after large groups dining needs and even host your entire event. You can find plenty more information about the VIP catering experiences on Casino Canberra’s website.

Casino Canberra Q and A

If you have a question about Casino Canberra fire us an email at or message us via the box below and we will answer the questions in this section of our guide.

Does Casino Canberra have pokies?

Despite a push from Aquis, Casino Canberra does not have pokies and this is unlikely to change, with pubs and clubs in the ACT protecting their patch.

Does Casino Canberra have an online casino?

No, online casinos are banned in Australia, so Casino Canberra does not have a digital gambling arm.

Is Canberra Casino good?

While Canberra Casino is not as strong as other gambling venues in Australia, it is the only option in the ACT for real money table games so it is worth a visit.

Is sports betting available at Casino Canberra?

Yes, sports betting is available at the Sports Bar, where you can also watch popular events, eat and drink. The other option is to wager with legal Australian betting sites, which can be accessed via betting apps and the internet.

Casino Canberra review verdict

Casino Canberra is worth a visit if you are in the ACT, but realistically there are a few black marks against this place from the outset. Most notably there is no poker machines and while these are not our chosen poison the lack of these electronic machines would be disappointing for many. The table games are also rather limited at Casino Canberra and the table limits are generally more geared towards big spenders. On a positive not there are several really cool variants of casino games available at this ACT gambling venue and the Chinese restaurant is outstanding.