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Welcome to the home of NRL tips and predictions, where the serious punters come to find winners on the professional Australian rugby league competition. Our NRL predictions are written by passionate league fans and punters who know their topic.

Tips for betting on the NRL

The NRL is Australia’s no.1 rugby league competition and is particularly prominent in the eastern states of Queensland and NSW. In this section we’ll highlight some general rules or tips for when you are betting on the NRL.

  • Always look at the team line-ups:
    The NRL is a closely fought competition, where if one superstar is missing a team might struggle. For instance if Cameron Munster is out of the Melbourne Storm line-up, they will be a vastly different team than if he was suiting up. Injuries, form and suspension can also play a huge role in the results of NRL games on a week-to-week basis, meaning one of the most important tips is to check the team line-ups before placing any bets.
  • Winning streaks and losing streaks mean something:
    It’s remarkable how often people will bet on a record to fall or a streak to end, just “because it’s due”. This is a stupid way for punters to bet, look at the reasons the streak has happened, is there anything different this time around? Has the winning team lost a heap of players from last season? In summary betting against a winning streak can be profitable, but make sure the time is right for a changing of the guard or you can end up with egg on your face.
  • Always assess how an NRL team travels or plays at home:
    A home ground advantage might be the oldest NRL tip you can give, but it doesn’t make it any less important. Home ground advantage or an inability to travel well can determine a result. It’s remarkable how many times a team’s road trip is described as a horror fixture, and this is largely backed up by stats, with some teams records on the road absolutely abysmal.
  • Always bet on the NRL within your means
    Don’t blow your budget on one bet no matter how confident you are. If you are serious about turning a profit when betting on the NRL, it’s crucial to go in with a solid betting staking plan, that will let you bet on each game in which you see an opportunity. And it goes without saying, if you can’t afford to bet, you should not be betting, because when you get behind it’s very easy to chase those losses.
  • Tips for finding the top NRL odds
    It’s crucial when NRL betting that you always compare the odds from several different sports betting sites, with small differences potentially making a huge difference to your chances of walking away a winner.

Making NRL winners predictions

Our NRL tipsters love the game — they are educated and know sports betting backwards. We firmly believe that our NRL predictions are the best in the business, formulated off statistics, conditions and gut feel.

Making NRL predictions and AFL tips is our bread and butter, and we always keep a running tally of our profit and losses of this type of bet.

Often if we think an NRL game is closer to a 50-50 proposition and a bookmaker has declared a certain favourite, we will take the better odds. In fact NRL odds make up a large part of our tips articles, with our experts always on the lookout for advantageous odds that we can work to our advantage.

Our NRL previews will also always include the starting time of matches, any key ins or outs and as a general rule we’ll highlight several betting tips that we think can turn you a profit.

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