AFL betting tips, predictions and previews 2022

Welcome to our AFL tips and predictions page, where you can access all of our previews for the 2022 season. The AFL is the professional Aussie Rules competition in Australia, which is also streamed live on ESPN into the USA. Our AFL previews are written by experts in their field, who also know a thing or two about sports betting.

Tips for betting on the AFL


The AFL can be a tough sport to peg down. Games go for 120 minutes, played over four frantic quarters. Some AFL games can be low-scoring “slog fests” while others can be free-scoring, freewheeling and highly entertaining sports contests. In this section of our AFL tips page we will look at some of the key things you can do to make yourself successful when betting on the AFL 2022 season.

Take stock of the teams before betting on the AFL
While the AFL is not like basketball or cricket where one player being out of the line-up can greatly impact the result, if several players are missing from one part of the field it can have a huge impact. For instance if Richmond were missing Dustin Martin and Trent Cotchin their midfield would struggle against another good team. The teams usually drop 48 hours before games start.

Home-ground advantages can make or break a result
One of the biggest AFL tips we can give you is to always look at a team’s record at the ground they are playing on. For instance from 2018-2020 Richmond were near unbeatable at the MCG, while teams such as West Coast and Brisbane are clearly harder to beat on their home-town decks.

Always understand the current AFL rules
Early in the 2020 season AFL betting sites must have made an absolute killing. Because of the COVID-19 crisis the quarters were shortened, which led to fewer total possessions and goals, but this was not really reflected in the odds. Until the AFL bookmakers started adjusting accordingly it was best to avoid this type of market. For the 2021 and 2022 seasons the games are back to their usual length.

Use your head over your heart or gut feelings
The AFL does throw up upsets from time to time and finding these games can be a great way to turn a profit. But just betting on an AFL team because you support them, or it’s a player’s 100th game or some other inconsequential milestone is pure stupidity.

Avoid silly markets such as first goal-scorer betting
While markets such as who will score the first goal, or the second goal, can be fun and provide some interest, they are a bit of a raffle and should not be relied upon to help you win. This is an AFL tip you should take notice of, because we see it all too often: a person dropping $50 in the first few minutes of a game, on a market that is akin to a game of roulette.

Futures markets like the Brownlow and Rising Star can be lucrative
The AFL has a number of individual awards that you can wager on throughout the season. These include the best and fairest Brownlow Medal, the best young player Rising Star Award and the Coleman Medal, for leading goalkicker. Betting on these markets early in the season can net you some great odds, but it takes a savvy punter to find a winner a long way out.

Our AFL match winner predictions

Our AFL predictions are written by people who know the sport back to front. If we see some odds we disagree with, we won’t hesitate to inform you. For instance if we think an AFL game is a 50-50 battle but one team is well favoured by the bookmakers, we will take the other team, just because there is more profit to be made. Betting on the AFL is a game of inches, and taking advantage of perceived discrepancies in the odds is a huge part of being a long-term winner.

Can I submit my own AFL preview or betting tips?

The AU Gambling List has an open door policy when it comes to commenting on our website and its articles, including sports betting previews. This means you can comment, without a login (although you can also be a verified account holder) and provide your own insight to our AFL betting community – which we hope will become something special over time.

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