Fastest paying ZAR online casinos

The fastest paying online casinos for South Africa is a complicated question, but one that we will answer in our guide to fast cashout ZAR gambling sites. Online gambling in South Africa is largely unregulated, which means the fastest paying online casinos are based overseas. This means the fastest withdrawal methods at online casinos when using Rand is probably Neteller and Skrill which can be instant, depending on the gambling sites’ processing times. Jump to page navigation or join one of our fastest paying online casinos for South Africa:

Casino sites with fast withdrawals

South Africa has recently paved the way for live casino games to be hosted by licensed betting sites, which is a good sign that eventually online casinos will be regulated. Until then though, the casinos with the fastest withdrawals for South Africans are based overseas. Some do hold South African bank accounts which means often if the sum is not too large, they will transfer locally which can happen overnight.

But there is every chance the online casino you play at will be licensed somewhere like Curacao, and could take up to a week to process your payment and then you still have to wait for an International bank transfer. We have heard horror reports of slow withdrawals taking up to a month at some ZAR gambling sites.

If you are hell-bent on finding a fast-withdrawal casino your best bet as a South African is to find one accepting Neteller. Create an account with the web wallet giant, and then deposit and withdraw using this method. Web wallets are significantly quicker than International bank withdrawals and should be completed within 24 hours.

It’s also important to note that you will have to verify your casino account before you can withdraw, which could cause a significant delay if the online verification process does not work.

The World Gambling List puts a premium on fast paying online casinos, and it is even more important in South Africa, with the wild west nature of the gambling industry. Our fastest paying online casinos accepting Rand are:

ZAR Instant payment method when gambling online

The fastest payment methods at online casinos include Visa and Mastercard, web wallets and payment processors. This means South Africans can play at online casinos instantly. But you will need to use one of the following instant deposit options:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Web wallets
  • SID Instant EFT
  • Bitcoin

Fastest payout methods at online casinos

Have you ever had a big win at an online casino and then had to wait weeks for you winnings? Nothing is more frustrating as a casino player. In this section we’ll break down all the fastest ways to withdraw winnings from online casinos in South Africa.

The fastest payout or withdrawal methods at SA online casinos includes web wallets and cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, despite what some rivals of the World Gambling List will tell you, there are no instant withdrawals for South Africans at online gambling sites. Instead the best we can hope for is a 24 hour turnaround between requesting a withdrawal and receiving real money. Worst case scenario, is a lengthy delay while we wait for a bank transfer to arrive from overseas. The quickest payout methods at Rand online casinos are:

  • Local bank transfers
  • Web Wallets (Neteller, Skrill)
  • Cryptocurrency (bitcoin)

Withdrawal fees at fast paying casinos

Online casinos or the withdrawal methods themselves will often have fees associated with cashing out any winnings. For instance, if you use Neteller to withdraw from an online casino you might be slugged a small fee or percentage of your withdrawal.

Even banks will charge you a fee if you use a bank transfer, but it’s usually a maximum of R100 or equivalent currency. Sometimes there will be a flat fee associated with bank transfers which can be as much as 20USD.

Fast paying casinos with instant verification

Some fast paying online casinos in South Africa have got instant-verification, meaning you can make withdrawals on the same day as you sign up. Instant verification usually involves filling in details from your ID card or passport.

Worst case you will have to manually verify your account, which involves uploading or emailing in documents to the online casino. You can find out more about ZAR casino account verification in our guide to online casinos in South Africa.

Fast paying casinos Q and A

What is the fastest paying SA online casino?

We’re big fans of Mansion Casino, but there are many online casinos that have web wallet withdrawals that can get you your money within 24-48 hours.

Are there any fast verification casinos with ZAR deposits?

Yes, many of the top fast paying SA casinos have online verification which is instant.

Is Neteller instant when withdrawing at South African online casinos?

The time that a Neteller withdrawal takes depends on the casino itself, with most having a 24 hour processing period. After it’s processed the money will be available in your Neteller account.