Supabets app download & review

This guide will teach you everything you never knew you needed to know about the Supabets app. is a South African sports betting company that also accepts players from several other regions in Africa. apps were discontinued following changes to the Google Play store’s terms and conditions, but we would not be surprised to see them launch further mobile applications in the future. To access Supabets via mobile use the following links:

Mobile site:
Supabets iOS app:
Supabets Android app:

How to download the Supabets Android app

Time needed: 3 minutes

Downloading the Supabets app can be confusing for first-timers, or those new to the South African betting industry.

  1. Create a new account at

    The first stage to downloading the Supabets app for Android is to create a new account at Supabets, which can be done via any of the links on this page.

  2. Follow the prompts to download Supabets app

    Now that you have created an account you are ready to download the Supabets Android app. Unfortunately this was discontinued recently and you now must bet via

  3. Verifying your Supabets app

    An important part of betting in South Africa is account verification, it stops money laundering and essentially forces players to prove their identity. The Supabets verification for their app is straight-forward and involves uploading documents or verifying your account electronically.

  4. Troubleshooting the Supabets Android app

    If you have any issues with the Supabets Android app you should contact customer service, which is available around the clock. You can also drop us a message in the box below if you have any queries about Supabets South Africa app.

Supabets iOS app download 2023

The Supabets iOS app has been discontinued which means you need to be bet via their mobile website. The Supabets Apple app was a good product, but it did have a lot of glitches. Our sources at Supabets tell us that we can expect a new iOS app from them sometime in late 2022 or early 2023.

What will a Supabets iOS app download be like? is something that we get asked often and hopefully, because they do have significant resources, it proves to be one of the top betting apps in South Africa.

Generally betting apps provide access to everything the desktop website does, and we see no reason that sports betting, live casino, bet games and horse racing won’t be accessible in the future via Supabets apple app.

The World Gambling List SA will keep you posted on the latest Supabets app developments as they happen. Other entries on our top online bookmakers list also boast apps. app review is one of the most well-known sports betting brands in South Africa and the apps they have available are well worth your time. It is disappointing that they have not relaunched the Supabets iOS apps, however users Android smartphones will enjoy their app, which has some unique features.

Probably the coolest part of the Supabets Android app is that it is “data free” meaning you can still wager on sports even if you do not have a data connection or any credit. You basically can cruise the odds that are available via the Supabets app and then place bets via SMS, which is a pretty familiar setup to punters in South AFrica.

The Supabets apps are first-rate, however their mobile website is also fine to use. The Supabets mobile site is essentially a smaller-stripped back version of the desktop website. In fact, in many ways it is much more user-friendly than the desktop website, with easy scroll wheels and conveniently placed menus contributing to this.

We would really love to be updating this Supabets app review in the coming days with news of their relaunched iOS app, and we’ll keep you posted when this happens.

Supabets app promotions

All of the Supabets promotions that are so popular on desktop computer are available by the Supabets app downloads. This includes the exceptional Supabets no deposit bonus offers, which is one of our favourites in the South African sports betting scene.

Supabets app promotions include offers surrounding horse racing and sports, while we have also seen live casino promotions from time-to-time. Basically Supabets app promos are constantly being added to and updated, so it pays to register and hold an account, because you never know what will be next.

Supabets app review verdict

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While there is no longer a Supabets app they do have a great website and strong reputation among players. They seem to have stamped out the slow payout issues that plagued much of the last few years with largely good reports coming from players. They are also rumoured to be hard-at-work developing new Supabets Android apps and Supabets iOS apps. Bet via mobile at with confidence. Overall heading into the first-half of 2023, you can bet with the Supabets apps with confidence, with their offering among the top ones in South Africa.