Australian bookmakers with cash out cards

Many Australian bookmakers now have cash out cards, which allow you to access the balance of your account via ATM’s and online. For instance one high-profile Australian betting site has partnered with Visa and customers of the bookmaker can apply to receive a card in the mail. Betting sites’ cash out cards are generally free to receive and are the most popular instant way to cash out from online bookmakers. This guide will run you through which bookmakers have Visa or Mastercard bank cards available, plus teach you about the nuances of each.

Australian betting sites with ATM withdrawals

Here is the full list of Australian bookmakers with Visa or Mastercard cash out cards:

Sportsbet cash card

The Sportsbet cash card allows you to access your account balance instantly, with it possible to purchase items online, in-store and basically anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Because the Sportsbet cash card is not a debit or credit card, you do not earn interest on any winnings. Basically transfer your balance to your cash card and you have instant access to it. Create a new account at Sportsbet, one of the top betting sites in Australia, verify your account, make sure your address details are up to date and then request your card be sent out. It takes between 5-15 working days to receive your bookie cash out card from Sportsbet.

Ladbrokes Visa card

Ladbrokes has got a partnership with Visa, which is available to all customers of this Entain gambling brand. Acquiring a Ladbrokes card is easy, just create a new account, make sure your details are accurate and then apply for it from inside your account. Ladbrokes will then post it out within 10 working days. When you receive your Visa card you will need to activate it with the information found on the letter you received. Punch in your activation code and you will then be able to use your new cash out card. The Ladbrokes Visa works much like any other debit card you have had over the years. You can view all transactions in the Ladbrokes apps.

Neds card

The Neds card is a Mastercard that allows you make purchases and get cash out when you have an active balance with this Entain-owned betting company. The Neds Mastercard can be applied for after you have opened a new account, verified it, have Australian residency and your address details are up to date. The card will then be posted to you within three weeks. You will then need to activate it with the nine digit pin you receive in the mail, via the MyAccount section of the Neds account. PaypPass also works with the Neds card, although it needs to be activated by using your card pin in an TMP or Point of Sale.


Bet365 launched its cash out card in 2015, with their partnership coming with Visa. To apply for the bet365 cash out card, you need to create a new account. Then visit your members section and follow the prompts in banking to receive your card. It will then take between 7-10 days for your card to arrive. After it arrives, again visit the bet365 Visa card page and activate your new card. Your new card will then allow to get cash out of ATMs, buy things online and even in retail stores. The bet365 Visa card is an instant way of withdrawing money from Australian online bookmakers. might be one of the smaller betting sites in Australia, but they do have a Visa cash out card. To use the bookmaker Visa card you first need to create a new account, secondly you will need to request your card in the My Account section of your new account. After requesting you will receive the Visa card in the mail within a few weeks, along with an activation number, which you will need to punch into the My Acccount section. After this, you are free to use your Bookmaker Visa card, just like you would use a bank card.


Betstar, the sister bookie to, has got a prepaid Visa card available to its customers. Like other bookie cards, it allows you to make purchases, get cash out and even use it online. It’s a simple process to acquire a betstar card, with it just a matter of requesting your card after verifying your account. You then will wait up to 21 days to receive your card in the mail. Activate it with the enclosed pin and you are away. The betstar cash out card can also be used at PayWave terminals around Australia.

What are the benefits of bookmaker cash out cards?

Bookmaker cash out cards give customers much more flexibility over how they use their account, with it possible to withdraw winnings instantly using this withdrawal method. For instance, some bookies do not have any way of withdrawing funds instantly, so this is an immediate advantage.

This method of withdrawing funds from bookies is also relatively fee free, although it’s worth noting that some bookmakers and some banks (depending on how you use the card) could charge you a small fee per transaction. Although, being experienced users of the Sportsbet and bet365 cards we can say we have never been slugged any fees.

As a general rule you will also be able to view the transactions you make with the bookie card inside your account, which also allows you to keep track of your spending habits. Gambling in Australia is limited to sports betting, lottery and land-based casinos, which means there are no online casinos with cash out cards in Australia.

Bank cards at betting sites conclusion

Many of Australia’s top online bookmakers now have Visa or Mastercard-linked products that allow you to withdraw and spend the balance of your account. Being able to cashout quicker is obviously a huge perk of bookie cards, and this is primarily what we use our cards for. If withdrawing funds from bookies quickly is a priority when looking for a new bookmaker account in Australia, it’s smart to choose one of the betting sites above.