Best Flexepin betting sites 2021

The top Flexepin betting sites allow you to instantly fund your account and bet on various sports from around the world. Flexepin is a pre-paid betting deposit option that can be bought online and via retail outlets in many countries. Similar to a debit card after purchasing a pin, Flexepin betting sites are popular in places like Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and increasingly through Africa. The best Flexepin betting sites for your location include:

Top online betting sites accepting Flexepin deposits

Many of the top Flexepin betting sites are known globally, with these including brands like bet365 and Betway. Flexepin betting sites essentially allow you to either buy a pin from retail outlets or via online stores and then use it to fund bookmakers that accept this method.

While Flexepin betting sites are not as popular as others, like Visa betting sites and Paypal betting sites, they definitely have their place in the online bookmaker world. For instance, some customers may want to convert cash to a digital format that can be used to fund their account. Others, particularly in emerging betting markets across Africa, might not have a bank account or form of digital banking available to them, so Flexepin gives them a legitimate option to fund their accounts.

The best online bookmakers accepting Flexepin payments will allow you to bet on sports and racing events from right around the world. These include basically every domestic sports event in every country, including football, basketball and cricket, which are all major betting sports.

Flexepin deposits at sports betting sites can also be done via mobile, with this payment system being fully responsive across all handheld devices.

Step-by-step – Depositing at betting sites with Flexipin

Flexepin is a straightforward way to deposit funds at online betting sites, with it simply a matter of finding a sportsbook accepting this type of deposit, and securing yourself a Flexepin voucher. Follow these steps to deposit at Flexepin betting sites.

  1. Buying Flexepin vouchers to use at betting sites

    If you visit, you will be able to find a vendor that sells online, or the other option is to visit one of many retail outlets that sell these pins. For instance in Australia you can buy Flexepin at many service stations and news agents, which is the same as most places across the world.

  2. Finding betting sites accepting Flexepin deposits

    Now that you have got a Flexepin voucher, you need to find a bookmaker accepting Flexepin deposits. We can vouch for the brands on this page, but rest assured there will be dodgy vendors out there accepting this bookie payment method. Just do your homework, read bookie reviews and customer feedback before choosing a Flexepin betting site.

  3. Sign up process at Flexepin betting sites

    Signing up at Flexepin betting sites involves following one of the links on this page, then hitting the sign up or join button. You will then be required to fill in a form with things like your name, address, email address and date of birth. This is standard across the industry and you must do it accurately or risk not being able to verify your account.

  4. Make your first Flexepin bookmaker deposit

    Now that you have opened a new account at a betting site accepting Flexepin you can now visit the banking or cashier section of the website to facilitate your deposit. Simply choose Flexepin as your payment option and punch in your voucher number and hit redeem. Your account will then be credited with the balance of your Flexepin

Flexepin fees for betting deposits

There are no fees to purchase and use a Flexepin voucher at online betting sites, but you will be slugged a fee if you opt to refund a Flexepin voucher, which could be as much as $30.

Any Flexepin vouchers that are left to sit there, will also accrue a $4 per month fee after it has reached its use by date.

These are hefty fees if you don’t use your Flexepin card card quickly, so it’s well worth making sure that if you do buy one, you are ready to use it.

Flexepin Q and A

Flexepin is a simple way to fund betting sites, although it can be confusing for first-timers. In this section we’ll answer some of the commonly asked questions about this instant deposit method.

Is Flexepin free to use?

There are fees, which you can read about above, although casual or one-off users will not be impacted by them.

Where can I buy Flexepin vouchers?

You can either buy Flexepin vouchers online, via their website, or you can purchase them at many retail outlets across the world.

Can Australians use Flexepin deposits?

Most of the top Australian betting sites accept Flexepin payments, with these vouchers commonly able to be bought at service stations and newsagents across the country.

Flexepin payments verdict

Flexepin betting sites are easy to use and you should have no hesitation using this service as a way to fund your online bookmaker accounts, if it is accepted in your jurisdiction. The biggest downfall of Flexepin vouchers is the fees if you don’t use your balance by the use by date, so this is something to be aware of. The reason services like this exist is because of the easy nature of converting cash to a usable voucher. Although the fact Flexepin now allows you to buy the vouchers online has made them a go-to option for those who can’t fund their betting accounts using Visa or one of the other myriad of online betting payment options.