Online Keno

Keno dates back between 2000 and 3000 years and has its origins firmly entrenched in China, where it was the favourite game of the social elite. How it arrived in the West is clear. The great immigration of Chinese workers employed in large infrastructure construction in the United States made sure the game was imported and then practised by the Americans.

Today’s version of keno is a game similar to bingo and lottery, and has entered the gilded world of casinos, and there are many gamblers who play it both online and offline. You will find it readily available at hundreds of online casinos and in some gambling venues around the world.

Keno, based solely on luck, is not a game that lends itself to many strategic choices, but there are basic strategies that you can consider. For example, if you choose to bet more or fewer numbers: you can bet on from 2 to 10 numbers or even more, depending on which types of keno is played, but the more numbers you bet the more coins you play, and the chances of guessing 10 numbers together are certainly much lower than guessing three.

Where to play online keno

Online keno is readily available with many of the biggest software companies supplying RNG versions of the game. Companies such as Microgaming and Betsoft have a handful of Keno games while there has even been a couple of different variants of live-dealer keno – although we have not seen this around for a while.

As a general rule you have more options playing online keno, with things like the ability to choose your variant, how many games you want to play in the set, how much money you want to play on each game and much more.

Finding an online casino to play Keno is easy with many featuring the game. It will largely come down to where you are based in the world as to where you can play. This means you have to factor in your country’s gambling laws as this will determine where you can sign up.

For instance players in the USA and Australia will have significantly fewer options (because of the tough online gambling laws) but this doesn’t mean you can’t play. You will just have to find better options. For instance, caters to these markets and has a handful of Keno games.

Others will have the option of playing at Microgaming casinos, which supply our favourite keno variants. This means players from the UK, New Zealand and many others can play at sites licensed in places such as the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Keno and online casino bonuses

Keno is a great game to use your online casino bonuses with because it generally clears the wagering requirements at 100%. For the uninitiated, online casino bonuses will have requirements attached which you must pass before you can withdraw the money. These might be 35x or 40x which simply means you must turn the money over that amount of times.

Keno rules

Keno is a game for everyone and is much like a lottery draw. Each player receives a card (the Keno board) with a total of 80 numbers. The goal of the game is to guess as many as possible of the 20 numbers drawn in each game. The computer randomly selects these numbers and the player is allowed to choose at will from 1 to 10 numbers of the Keno card, per batch.

When the player’s number matches a number chosen at random by computer, the player wins. The Keno payoff depends on the bet made on each game, which can vary dramatically from venue to venue. Another important factor is the amount of numbers selected on the Keno board (1 to 10) and of course how many of these numbers were drawn randomly by computer. Obviously the more numbers selected correctly the bigger the payout will be.

The game begins with the choice of the numbers on the Keno board. You can usually pick the numbers yourself or, if you prefer, letting the computer select 10 random numbers for you. While there are many different variants of keno, if you are playing an electronic or online version you will generally see a button which will allow you to automatically choose your numbers.

Then you can choose the number of Keno games that you play by clicking or marking how many games you want. After each game of Keno, you can see the results on the left side of the screen. You can click on any game for detailed information about each game played. To continue playing the same number of games in a new game, just click “Replay Game”.

Keno strategies

Keno is not a game that lends itself to strategies, or requires complicated calculations to maximise your chances of winning. The reason is simple: Keno is a game of luck. This means that any combination of numbers can be drawn, much like the lottery.

You can ask yourself what you want to get out of the game: are you chasing a big payday or an extended playing run with smaller wins. Generally to land the big jackpot you will need to play 10 numbers and land them all, although getting seven or eight will also land you a nice payout.

If you are selecting fewer numbers, four for instance, you might get more smaller payouts and continue your game for longer, but doing this eliminates the chance of that big jackpot. Each to their own I guess.

Betting options in Keno

The types of bets you can find Keno are the following:

BET AGAINST: This option is enabled once you mark at least 8 spaces on the ticket and you bet that none of the selected numbers will be released during the extraction.
HIT ALL: We must mark 2 to 7 Spots on the ticket, and you bet that all the numbers marked in the extraction will come out.
HIGH ROLLER: To make this bet, you must mark at least one spot on the ticket. The payout is usually higher.
TOP OR BOTTOM: It is the only option that can be enabled before you mark any number on the ticket. It is only necessary to place the bet to use this option.

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