Choosing the best online casino

There are hundreds of online casinos to choose from, but with a little effort, you can narrow your search and boost your playing experience. Our guide choosing the best online casino will run you through all the important factors of gambling online, including how to sign up, whether mobile apps are available and of course, what is legal in your jurisdiction.

Factors to consider when choosing online casinos

Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing online casinos:

Does the online casino suit your tastes?

Do you like flashy graphics or prefer more straightforward, basic casino sites? Have you been playing at online casinos for a while or would you prefer easily-found tutorials and user-friendly layouts? Does it have the games you want to play? Does it cater to your bankroll?

How does the online casino treat its customers?

Never forget that an online casino, like a restaurant or department store, cannot run without customers. Any reputable casino knows this, and it should reflect in service that provides value and satisfaction. Even if you play for free, you should feel respected and acknowledged.

How does the online casino offer support?

Customer support should be a top priority, especially in online casinos, where the internet can create a buffer not found in live casinos. Often, this is something not thought about until a problem occurs with your account, but it’s best to know that if a dispute occurs, it can be resolved quickly and easily.

Does the casino offer 24-hour online support? If not, does it have a readily found contact sheet with an e-mail or phone number listed?

Be sure that your online casino prides itself on being accountable and helpful.

How is the online casino’s reputation?

Always check an online casino’s reputation. Some questions that you should ask are: How does the online casino handle customer service? Has it been in business long? Does it have a valid operating licence?

A casino’s reputation is easily checked, using search engines to find customer reviews and possible complaints. Just be sure to read a few opinions, as one jaded player can have a completely different view from the majority.

Even if playing for free, you want to be sure the casino will handle information such as e-mail addresses and other contact information sensitively.

When playing for real money, the casino will deal with credit card or banking information as well. As such, be sure to only deal with an online casino that you can trust.

How does the online casino handle payments?

If you decide to play for real money, it should be quick and easy to deposit funds to online casinos. More importantly, the online casino should make it just as easy to withdraw your winnings. If the site makes it difficult to do either of these things, find another. There are enough out there.

Typically, there should be more than one method of payment. Even if you use the preferred method of an online casino, limiting your options is never a good thing.

Be sure that there aren’t several pages of fine print, unless you don’t mind reading it. Procedures involving your money should be easy to understand and readily available.

Is the online casino legal and licensed?

As online gaming is relatively new, be sure to check with your local legislature. Even if you can’t get in trouble for the playing or operating of the games, local laws may make it difficult to receive any winnings, and nobody wants that.

Does the online casino offer your preferred games?

Slots like X-Men are incredibly popular at online casinos
Online slots play a huge role in people choosing online casinos.

Casino games such as slots, roulette and blackjack are staples, but if there are specific games that you enjoy, be sure to find out if the casino offers it before signing up, to save yourself some time later.

It’s also worth doing a little bit of homework about what variants of each casino game they have, because the online world can be deceptive. For instance, two casino games marketed as blackjack, could have significantly different house edges and impact your chances of winning greatly.

If you are new to online gambling, choosing a casino to experience it can be tough, but as a general rule look for brands that have both live dealer, slots and RNG games. Look for casino software companies advertised on our website, because we won’t sell you a bad one.

Does the online casino offer free trials?

Most online casinos offer free play mode to allow users to get a feel for the games and navigate the website itself. Be wary of any online casino that doesn’t have this basic function, as it could be an indication that other services are lacking as well.

Does the online casino offer promotions?

One of the most important factor when choosing online casinos is whether they have bonus offers and promotions available. In modern times, the online casino industry is very competitive, so generally you will find gambling promotions available.

Many online casinos offer promotions in the way of sweepstakes, free tournaments and bonuses. If these interest you, be sure to find out how often an online casino offers these and what the incentives are. As a general rule you will find further information about each brand’s promotions via our casino reviews.

What are the online casino’s house rules?

Rules vary from casino to casino and can alter the odds or house edge. For example, online casinos that allow wildcards in their slot machines may be more advantageous. Certain casinos offer better payout percentages, meaning that you win more often. Be sure that you are familiar with your online casino’s practice.

The bottom line is that there are hundreds of online casinos to choose from and compare, so be sure to find an online casino that works for you!