Top 10 bitcoin dice games 2020

Best online bitcoin dice sites

Welcome to our top 10 bitcoin dice sites for 2020. A comprehensive guide to the best online bitcoin dice games available. Below we will run you through how each bitcoin dice game works and where you can play them.

Bitcoin dice games can be confusing to understand if you have not done your research. The first thing to know is that there is not actually any dice involved in these games. They are actually a software-based probability game where you can decide how much you risk and how great your reward will be.

Dice games are the bitcoin buzz phrase “provably fair” to a tee. Basically you can see the unique input that provides the result allowing you to make sure the result that has occurred is fair. All of the dice sites we look at use 128-bit SSL encryption, which ensures your safety. We consider this a prerequisite for them to get our blessing.

Top 10 bitcoin dice games 2020

We are constantly adding to our bitcoin dice games page as new titles are released. For instance our top 10 bitcoin dice games is 100% fresh from the early day of btc, with a greater level of professionalism and licensing surrounding these sites. Our best bitcoin dice games for 2020 are:


PrimeDice is a really cool bitcoin dice betting game that is provably fair – meaning it is based off the blockchain. What makes PrimeDice one of the best bitcoin dice games is the fact it only has a 1% house edge, meaning it has a Return To Player rate of 99%.  

CyberDice is another bitcoin dice game that has a 1% house edge. Along with it’s 99% RTP rate, CyberDice has an outstanding reputation and a 100 Satoshi Bitcoin Faucet. On the downside the max win on any bet is only 2 bitcoin, still worth a sizeable chunk of cash though.

SatoshiDice: A betting game with a simple interface and easy-to-find betting options. Whatever way you fine tune your bets can either increase or decrease the odds and in turn your payout. The odds can be over 97% or as low as 0.0015%. To play you just send bitcoins to one of the addresses you’re provided. You then roll the dice and the result is shown. This game is powered by a Random Number Generator. Sign up at SatoshiDice now. Has a simple yet visually pleasing interface. Dice Coin also accepts litecoin and dogecoin so it has a rather large user base. There is a 1% house edge to make this dice site competitive with the other ones out there. review.

How do bitcoin dice games work?

While there are more and more versions of bitcoin dice games emerging all the time, the basic concept remains the same. You are betting on whether the roll will be higher or lower than your specified number. You personally choose the odds before each roll, with the greater the risk, obviously increasing the payout.

Bitcoin dice games usually have a very low house edge (around 1 per cent) meaning the rest of the money goes back to the player. The buy-ins for games can range from anything from a few mBTC to high-stakes amounts in the full bitcoins.

While it’s simple to play bitcoin dice games once you have bitcoin in a wallet, there is still a fair bit of skill involved in playing to the maximum potential. Every wrong move you make increases that house edge.

Bitcoin dice strategy

BTC Dice games

It’s not hard to successfully play a bitcoin dice game. There are only two results so patterns are easily spotted. For instance you might catch a run of high numbers, given that the result is based on probability, eventually there is going to be a lower number. It’s up to the player to follow the flow of play and make the decisions based on what has happened previously.

While betting systems are something you are more likely to associate with roulette than bitcoin dice, we have trialled a few and found them to work nicely. In fact some are better suited to dice because the betting caps can be greater. Of course keep in mind that there is a house edge involved in bitcoin dice, so always walk away when you reach a certain point.

Bitcoin dice betting systems

Martingale: You would have heard of this one in roulette. The general gist is you double your bet every time you lose, until you win, which means you will always make a profit. Where this runs into trouble is betting limits in games. For instance if you have an unlucky run and you are doubling your bet each time you will soon reach whatever the table limit is.

Reverse Martingale: Works in a similar way to the Martingale but you double your bets every time you win and decrease your bet every time you lose. This can suit a player who does not have a huge bankroll.

Oscar’s Grind: This system teaches you to bet the same amount when you lose and to double your bet when you win. The rule is that you never attempt to get a dividend any more than one unit more than your losses.

Again I just want to reiterate that betting systems and strategy do not eliminate the house edge, they can just help you make sure you play to your potential.

What does provably fair mean?

It will be easiest to give you an example of provably fair. The idea behind it is that the casino does not know the result of the hand until the moment you do. If you were playing blackjack at an online bitcoin casino, after the shuffle you can see your ‘hash’ number from the shuffle. You then can set a seed number or it will be done manually for you. When you set this number you are basically cutting the deck and making the deal something neither you, nor the casino know. While the maths of provably fair is extremely complicated, it is still possible to be scammed by a provably fair casino or dice site. That’s why we recommend gambling with one of the bitcoin dice sites we mention above. These sites have been tried and tested by us and we know they are reliable.

Defunct bitcoin dice sites This is probably the best looking out of all the dice sites. It has a simple interface and has a good reputation with a strong customer service department. You either bet higher than fifty or lower than 50. They take big bets and pay out fast. Read the review of