Atlantic City blackjack

Atlantic City blackjack is similar to your standard game of 21, although it does have subtle differences to Las Vegas rules. If you are completely new to this card game, start by getting a grounding in blackjack rules before moving on to Atlantic City blackjack.

Two of the key changes Atlantic City blackjack gameplay has are that the dealer can take a look at their down cards, and if there is a blackjack it effectively ends the game if a player does not have a 10/J/Q/K/A. The other major difference is that the dealer must stand on 17, no matter if it is hard or soft.

This article will run you through the rules of Atlantic City blackjack, key differences to more mainstream blackjack games and where to play for both free and real money.

Online casinos with Atlantic City blackjack

Atlantic City blackjack - where to play onlineAtlantic City blackjack is not commonly found at online casinos and we’ve never seen a live table featuring these rules. However there are some RNG tables available, with Microgaming and Playtech both boasting variations of Atlantic City blackjack.

For those who are new to online casinos, random number generated casino games by respected online casino software providers like the two mentioned are 100% trustworthy. Just be aware that there are several versions of Atlantic City blackjack online that are unlicensed. Just do your homework when playing online.

Atlantic City blackjack rules

Although Las Vegas rules blackjack is the most popular version of blackjack, this does not necessarily mean that this variation is for you. Atlantic City rules blackjack is also as exciting and offers a slight difference in the game’s rules.

All types of blackjacks have the same base rules, but these rules start to differ very slightly in the more complicated rules such as splitting.

Atlantic City blackjack can be played as both a single and multiple hand game, found most commonly online. However, you should be wary when playing multiple hand blackjack because although you have more chances to win, you also have a lot more to lose. You should start off with single hand blackjack and then only try out more complicated versions when you have enough experience.

Atlantic City blackjack rules key points:

  • The game is played with 8 decks of playing cards.
  • The dealer is allowed to peek at the face-down card to check for blackjack, thereby stopping the game if none of the other players has a 10/J/Q/K/A.
  • Unlike Las Vegas rules, the dealer has to stand on 17 – both hard and soft.
  • You are allowed to double down on any hand (first two cards) which means that you hit again and you double your bet.
  • You are also allowed to double down after you have split your cards (assuming that you have a pair).
  • You are allowed to split your hand up to three times and therefore play up to four hands at once.
  • If you split Aces, however, you are only allowed to hit one more card on each.
  • You will only get blackjack on split aces with a picture card and an Ace and not with a 10.

Why Atlantic City blackjack is good

Atlantic City rules blackjack offers some of the most favourable odds to you as the player. Although these odds are fractionally better than in other forms of blackjack, you want to know that you have just that extra edge in your game when playing online for real money.

You should try out several versions of blackjack before settling on one specific game. In this way you will be able to make sure that your choice is the right one, while at the same time gaining valuable blackjack experience.