Blackjack Insurance explained

The game of blackjack has many different options offered to the player during a hand.

Playing optimum strategy is a template for players to follow so they’re getting the most out of their buy-in dollar. Depending on the blackjack variant, players will sometimes have different options at their disposal.

One such option is using insurance bets to cover possible losses that could be suffered in a hand. This is an option given to the player whenever the dealer is showing an ace. The insurance bet is a bet that predicts the dealer has a hidden blackjack, and if you think that he does you will place a bet half the size of the regular wager in the insurance bet spot.

Blackjack insurance odds

If the dealer has a blackjack hand you will receive 2-1 on your insurance bet. It will essentially recover the bet that you lose to the dealer’s blackjack, or you will lose it if they have anything else.

It’s also possible to lose both bets, making you worse off than if you just played out the hand against the ace. In a live casino setting the dealer will ask for insurance bets, while online two buttons will come up giving you the option to take the insurance or refuse it.

The most common time you’ll see someone buying insurance is when they have a total of 20, and they place money on insurance to “protect” their hand from the Blackjack.

Should you take out insurance bets in blackjack?

The problem with the insurance bet is that it’s for suckers. The bet is never the most advantageous option for the player, and one should never opt for it. Statistically there are nine cards in each suit that do not make blackjack for the dealer, and only four cards that will make blackjack.

The casino is paying out only 8:4 (or 2:1) in a 9:4 situation. You will most certainly lose money over time if you take insurance.

The bet can be a comforting option when you have a big bet out there that could make a big difference in your session. It could also work in a situation where you’re closing in on a goal, and the even-money payout will get you to that goal.

Otherwise there are no situations where the insurance bet is your best option. Stay away from it and play your basic strategy without fear; the payouts will come in the long run if you stick to the basics.