Multi hand blackjack

Multi hand blackjack has been a nice addition to what is offered at online casinos. Basically the major difference between Multi hand blackjack and the regular game is that you can have up to five hands each deal. If you are new to the game entirely begin by learning the basics of blackjack.

If you understand how a regular game of blackjack works, our article on real money multi hand blackjack will teach you everything you need to know, plus tip you into the best online casinos featuring this game.

Best online casinos with Multi Hand blackjack

Multi Hand blackjack - best online casinosPlaying multi hand blackjack is possible online, although it largely comes down to whether you are willing to play a random number generated game, with no live casinos currently offering this game, although they have in the past.

Most of the software companies that offer online blackjack table games will have a version of Multi Hand blackjack with Microgaming, Playtech and NetEntertainment just a few of the big names that have this title, or a variant of it. If you are looking to play it from Australia, China or another country with strict gambling laws you will have to find a casino with RTG or Betsoft games.

Multi hand blackjack rules

This game is based on regular blackjack rules where the aim is to get as close to 21 as possible without going bust (over 21). A winning hand then depends on whether you got closer to 21 than the dealer. The other way you can win is if the dealer happens to go bust.

The biggest difference between multi hand blackjack and regular blackjack is that you can play five hands at a time. If you are comfortable with the intricacies of basic blackjack then this game has proven itself to be one of the most entertaining variances of it.

You will be dealt two cards per hand (10 in total) and each hand is played independently of the others. As in regular blackjack, you play against the dealer and not against any of the other players at the table.

Due to the fact that there are so many hands in play at once, the game is played with five full decks as opposed to just one or two.

Multi hand blackjack allows you bigger chances of winning, especially if the dealer goes bust. However, if the dealer hits blackjack then you stand the chance of losing all five hands. The aim of the game is to play it smart and play each hand on its own merits, as individual hands.

Key multi hand blackjack rules:

  • Multi hand blackjack is played with five full decks of cards
  • The dealer has to stand on a soft 17
  • You are not permitted to double up on any of your hands after splitting
  • You are only permitted to double up on card totals of 9/10/11
  • You are not permitted to re-split any of your cards – this would otherwise become too confusing with 5 hands already in play
  • Unlike other versions of blackjack, you may not surrender your cards
  • If the dealer hits a blackjack, you will lose all your bets

Multi hand blackjack strategy

Playing blackjack with many hands at once can be both exciting and a bit nerve-racking. If you want to master multi hand blackjack you need to apply strategy to each individual hand and to the game as a whole. Issues that will come up are how many hands you can manage at once and how much you can afford to bet. It is also of importance to think about where you will play Multi-Hand blackjack as this can be crucial for the kind of gaming environment you need to succeed.

Win big, lose big

Playing with many hands at once doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. Each one is a game and you don’t have to look at all of the hands at the same time. Initially you will place your bets on each hand and then you’ll play them one after the other till all of them have been played out. This means that one Multi-Hand blackjack game can have several winning hands once it is over and this gives you a great chance to win more money than what you would have in a regular single blackjack game, but you also obviously stand to lose more.

Take your time:

An important strategy for Multi-Hand blackjack is to be as relaxed and composed as you can when playing. You don’t want to rush through the hands just to finish the game on time. You will have to apply strategy on each hand and this should be done with as much thought as you would put on a regular game. If you are using card charts, make sure to memorise them before you start playing so that you can focus on the game without looking away too much.

Pick amount of Hands:

Just because you have the option of playing with five hands, doesn’t mean you have got to do so. Playing with two or three hands at once still makes it Multi-Hand blackjack and if five hands make you too stressed to enjoy it is better to stick to a smaller amount. Also consider how much money you can afford to bet on your games. If your bankroll won’t support too many losses you should stick to fewer hands until you are winning enough to take the level up.

Play online

Playing Blackjack online is easy and a great way to improve your game and chances of winning fast. If you have the time to work on your basic blackjack strategy you should make use of free blackjack games in online casinos. When you play with many hands in the same blackjack game it is extra crucial to understand the game well enough to know what to do with each individual hand.

Verdict on multi hand blackjack

There are few other games that offer as much entertainment as multi hand blackjack. The game requires a sound knowledge of the game of blackjack as well as the ability to think bigger – you are no longer playing just one hand, but five. This gets even more confusing if you split any of your hands, although there is no re-splitting allowed.

Multi hand blackjack can be a quick way to lose lots of money, so be careful when playing and keep an eye on your bankroll. Often you are outlaying five times as much as you normally would when playing blackjack. But despite the warning this member of the WGL team often finds himself deep on an online multi hand blackjack game.