Spanish Blackjack

Spanish blackjack is found frequently at both land-based and online casinos in 2019. The major change in Spanish blackjack in comparison to standard blackjack rules is that there are no 10s in the deck and there is a bonus element in the game. If you are new to this card game, read about the standard blackjack rules, before delving into Spanish blackjack.

This Spanish blackjack guide will run you through the rules of the game, why it is one of the best blackjack variants and where you can play it online.

Best online casinos with Spanish blackjack

Spanish Blackjack - Best sites featuring Spanish BlackjackSpanish Blackjack is frequently found at online casinos in 2019 with many of the biggest brands in the world having a version of it on their books, including giants such as Bet365, WilliamHill and LeoVegas. You won’t have much trouble find the best online Spanish blackjack games at some great online casinos.

While Spanish blackjack is found more commonly as a random number generated game, you will find that there are live dealer versions available, including by boutique software provider Ezugi. You can play the Ezugi version of Spanish blackjack at leading online casino

Spanish blackjack rules

Because there are no 10s in the deck in Spanish blackjack the game has to give something back to the player to temper the blow, which it does in the form of bonuses for hitting certain hands.

For instance if you have a hand that totals 21 made up of five cards it pays 3:2, while if it is made up of six cards it pays 2:1. You can see the full Spanish blackjack bonus chart below.

In Spanish blackjack, there are no 10s in the deck. You will soon see how this affects the game in terms of the bonuses offered to certain winning hands.

Key rules in Spanish blackjack:

  • Six to eight decks are used in the game – depending on the online casino.
  • Your card value of 21 will always beat the dealer’s 21.
  • Your blackjack will also always beat the dealer’s blackjack.
  • You can double down with any amount of cards in your hand.
  • You can split aces.
  • You are allowed to re-split up to three times.
  • You are allowed to surrender late (after the first two cards) – however, this is not allowed if the dealer already has blackjack.
  • This is one of the only versions of the game where double down rescue is allowed – this means that you may surrender half your bet if you do not like the next card.
  • Dealer can hit on a soft 17.

Spanish blackjack bonus table and payouts

As you can see, there are quite a few rules in Spanish blackjack that seem to play into your favour so that you can beat the dealer. However, you need to keep in mind the importance of not having 10s in the deck. Although this also diminishes the dealer’s chance of getting blackjack, it also takes away a few of your outs when you are going for a blackjack. In order to cover this inequality, the game offers you a series of bonuses.

  • A hand made up of 5 cards that totals 21 pays 3:2
  • A hand made up of 6 cards that totals 21 pays 2:1
  • A hand made up of 7 or more cards that totals 21 pays 3:1
  • A hand made up of 6, 7, 8 of matching suits pays 2:1
  • A hand made up of 6, 7, 8 of mixed suits pays 3:2
  • A hand made up of 6, 7, 8 of spades pays 3:1
  • A hand made up of three 7s of mixed suit pays 3:2
  • A hand made up of three 7s of the same suit pays 2:1
  • A hand made up of three 7s of spades pays 3:1

These bonuses apply only to winning hands that have not been doubled. Spanish blackjack is one of the more dynamic games of blackjack and requires quite a lot of thought when playing the game due to the many different bonus payouts.