Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch by and large follows the standard blackjack rules, with a few notable exceptions that make the game unique. You need to learn the basics of blackjack before continuing to read this article, otherwise read on to find out what makes Blackjack Switch tick.

The major difference that Blackjack Switch brings is that a player is dealt two hands, instead of one during the initial deal; with the player then able to “switch” the second cards dealt between the two hands. This twist allows you to create many more blackjack hands and keeps the game exciting as there is a lot more though that needs to be put into the game.

Of course, with being able to make more blackjack hands each deal, something else has to give, and that is mainly that blackjack pays only 1:1, rather than the normal 3:2 you find in most variances of 21.

This article will guide you through the rules and make recommendations about where you can play Blackjack Switch online:

Online Blackjack Switch – Where to play

Play Blackjack Switch online for real moneyWith so many new games being introduced at online casinos on a weekly basis, it is hard for the software development companies to produce something that stands out completely. One such game is Blackjack Switch, which is a version of blackjack that originally was offered solely at Playtech casinos. However more software companies such as Microgaming and RealTime Gaming have also released Switch games.

Really, the only way you will be able to tell if switch blackjack is a game that you will enjoy is to give it a try. The game is guaranteed to put a smile on even the most die-hard blackjack player’s face.

Blackjack Switch rules

The online game works according to the usual blackjack rules, but there are a few things that are different enough to take note of.

Player rules:

  • To play, you need to place two bets of the same amount – this will allow you to play two hands.
    Once the two hands are dealt, you have the choice of switching the second cards around if it makes your hands stronger – for example, if you are dealt Q/7 and K/4 then you are able to swap the second two cards around to make two new hands of Q/K and 7/4 which are clearly much stronger hands.

  • You are allowed to double up in blackjack switch, and using the above scenario as an example this would be a good idea.
  • This may seem as though everything works in your favour as a blackjack switch player – but you have to remember that all online casinos need a house edge to stay in business. Blackjack switch also incorporates several rules that allow them to balance these odds.

Dealer rules:

  • The dealer is allowed to get a total of 22 which will result in any other hand being pushed – unless you have blackjack, which will still count as a win.
  • The dealer also hits on a soft 17.
  • Blackjack pays only 1:1
  • As you can see, although there are many more ways to win at blackjack switch, there are also a few things that count against you. The key is to play each hand on its own merit and to keep in mind that the dealer has more outs than you.

Blackjack Switch conclusion

Playtech does a lot right as an iGaming software development company and has become one of the largest producers in the world. Launching a new version of blackjack is always risky – for two reasons. Firstly, many blackjack purists shun any new versions of the game. Secondly, with so many variants it is not always guaranteed that a new version will be successful. Blackjack Switch has proven all its critics wrong and has definitely added to the capabilities of blackjack. Having said this it’s unlikely you will find tables with huge table limits in online blackjack switch, simply because the rules decrease the house edge to a point where online casinos are only just staying ahead.