British Open list of winners, venues & scores

The Open, or British Open as it is also known, dates back to 1860. Our British Open winners, scores and venues table is updated after the event each year. The next British Open is due to be played in July 2021, with the 2020 edition cancelled because of the covid-19 pandemic.

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Winners, scores, venues for all Open Championships

YearChampion (country)CourseTotal scoreTo par
1860Willie Park Sr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland174n/a
1861Tom Morris Sr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland163n/a
1862Tom Morris Sr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland163n/a
1863Willie Park Sr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland168n/a
1864Tom Morris Sr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland167n/a
1865Andrew Strath (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland162n/a
1866Willie Park Sr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland169n/a
1867Tom Morris Sr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland170n/a
1868Tom Morris Jr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland154n/a
1869Tom Morris Jr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland157n/a
1870Tom Morris Jr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland149n/a
1871Not held
1872Tom Morris Jr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland166n/a
1873Tom Kidd (Scotland)St Andrews, Scotland179n/a
1874Mungo Park (Scotland)Musselburgh Links, Scotland159n/a
1875Willie Park Sr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland166n/a
1876Bob Martin (Scotland)*St Andrews176n/a
1877Jamie Anderson (Scotland)Musselburgh Links, Scotland160n/a
1878Jamie Anderson (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland157n/a
1879Jamie Anderson (Scotland)St Andrews, Scotland169n/a
1880Bob Ferguson (Scotland)Musselburgh Links, Scotland162n/a
1881Bob Ferguson (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland170n/a
1882Bob Ferguson (Scotland)St Andrews, Scotland171n/a
1883Willie Fernie (Scotland)*Musselburgh Links, Scotland159n/a
1884Jack Simpson (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland160n/a
1885Bob Martin (Scotland)St Andrews, Scotland171n/a
1886David Brown (Scotland)Musselburgh Links, Scotland157n/a
1887Willie Park Jr (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland161n/a
1888Jack Burns (Scotland)St Andrews, Scotland171n/a
1889Willie Park Jr (Scotland)*Musselburgh Links, Scotland155n/a
1890John Ball (England) (a)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland162n/a
1891Hugh Kirkaldy (Scotland)St Andrews, Scotland166n/a
1892Harold Hilton (England) (a)Muirfield, Scotland305n/a
1893William Auchterlonie (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland322n/a
1894John Henry Taylor (England)Royal St George’s, England326n/a
1895John Henry Taylor (England)St Andrews, Scotland332n/a
1896Harry Vardon (Jersey)*Muirfield, Scotland316n/a
1897Harold Hilton (England) (a)Royal Liverpool, England314n/a
1898Harry Vardon (Jersey)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland307n/a
1899Harry Vardon (Jersey)Royal St George’s, England310n/a
1900John Henry Taylor (England)St Andrews, Scotland309n/a
1901James Braid (Scotland)Muirfield, Scotland309n/a
1902Sandy Herd (Scotland)Royal Liverpool, England307n/a
1903Harry Vardon (Jersey)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland300n/a
1904Jack White (Scotland)Royal St George’s, England296n/a
1905James Braid (Scotland)St Andrews, Scotland318n/a
1906James Braid (Scotland)Muirfield, Scotland300n/a
1907Arnaud Massy (France)Royal Liverpool, England312n/a
1908James Braid (Scotland)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland291n/a
1909John Henry Taylor (England)Royal Cinque Ports, England291n/a
1910James Braid (Scotland)St Andrews, Scotland299n/a
1911Harry Vardon (Jersey)*Royal St George’s, England303n/a
1912Ted Ray (Jersey)Muirfield, Scotland295n/a
1913John Henry Taylor (England)Royal Liverpool, England304n/a
1914Harry Vardon (Jersey)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland306n/a
1915-1919Not held due to WWI
1920George Duncan (Scotland)Royal Cinque Ports, England303+15
1921Jock Hutchison (US)*St Andrews, Scotland296+8
1922Walter Hagen (US)Royal St George’s, England300+20
1923Arthur Havers (England)Royal Troon, Scotland295+7
1924Walter Hagen (US)Royal Liverpool, England301+13
1925Jim Barnes (England)Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland300+16
1926Bobby Jones (US) (a)Royal Lytham & St Annes, England291+7
1927Bobby Jones (US) (a)St Andrews, Scotland285−3
1928Walter Hagen (US)Royal St George’s, England292+12
1929Walter HagenMuirfield, Scotland292+8
1930Bobby Jones (US) (a)Royal Liverpool, England291+3
1931Tommy Armour (US)Carnoustie, Scotland296+12
1932Gene Sarazen (US)Prince’s Golf Club, England283−5
1933Denny Shute (US)*St Andrews, Scotland292+4
1934Henry Cotton (England)Royal St George’s, England283+3
1935Alf Perry (England)Muirfield, Scotland283−5
1936Alf Padgham (England)Royal Liverpool, England287−9
1937Henry Cotton (England)Carnoustie, Scotland290+6
1938Reg Whitcombe (England)Royal St George’s, England295+15
1939Dick Burton (England)St Andrews, Scotland290−2
1940-1945Not held due to WWII
1946Sam Snead (US)St Andrews, Scotland290+2
1947Fred Daly (Northern Ireland)Royal Liverpool, England293+5
1948Henry Cotton (England)Muirfield, Scotland284Even
1949Bobby Locke (South Africa)*Royal St George’s, England283–5
1950Bobby Locke (South Africa)Royal Troon, Scotland279−9
1951Max Faulkner (England)Royal Portrush, Northern Ireland285−3
1952Bobby Locke (South Africa)Royal Lytham & St Annes, England287–1
1953Ben Hogan (US)Carnoustie, Scotland282−6
1954Peter Thomson (Australia)Royal Birkdale, England283−3
1955Peter Thomson (Australia)St Andrews, Scotland281−7
1956Peter Thomson (Australia)Royal Liverpool, England286−2
1957Bobby Locke (South Africa)St Andrews, Scotland279−9
1958Peter Thomson (Australia)*Royal Lytham & St Annes, England274−10
1959Gary Player (South Africa)Muirfield, Scotland284E
1960Kel Nagle (Australia)St Andrews, Scotland278−10
1961Arnold Palmer (US)Royal Birkdale, England284−4
1962Arnold Palmer (US)Troon, Scotland276−12
1963Bob Charles (New Zealand)*Royal Lytham & St Annes, England277−7
1964Tony Lema (US)St Andrews, Scotland279−9
1965Peter Thomson (Australia)Royal Birkdale, England285−7
1966Jack Nicklaus (US)Muirfield, Scotland282−2
1967Roberto De Vicenzo (Argentina)Royal Liverpool, England278−10
1968Gary Player (South Africa)Carnoustie, Scotland289+1
1969Tony Jacklin (England)Royal Lytham & St Annes, England280−4
1970Jack Nicklaus (US)*St Andrews, Scotland283−5
1971Lee Trevino (US)Royal Birkdale, England278−14
1972Lee Trevino (US)Muirfield, Scotland278−6
1973Tom Weiskopf (US)Royal Troon, Scotland276−12
1974Gary Player (South Africa)Royal Lytham & St Annes, England282−2
1975Tom Watson (US)*Carnoustie, Scotland279−9
1976Johnny Miller (US)Royal Birkdale, England279−9
1977Tom Watson (US)Turnberry, Scotland268−12
1978Jack Nicklaus (US)St Andrews, Scotland281−7
1979Seve Ballesteros (Spain)Royal Lytham & St Annes, England283−1
1980Tom Watson (US)Muirfield, Scotland271−13
1981Bill Rogers (US)Royal St George’s, England276−4
1982Tom Watson (US)Royal Troon, Scotland284−4
1983Tom Watson (US)Royal Birkdale, England275−9
1984Seve Ballesteros (Spain)St Andrews, Scotland276−12
1985Sandy Lyle (Scotland)Royal St George’s, England282+2
1986Greg Norman (Australia)Turnberry, Scotland280E
1987Nick Faldo (England)Muirfield, Scotland279−5
1988Seve Ballesteros (Spain)Royal Lytham & St Annes, England273−11
1989Mark Calcavecchia (US)*Royal Troon, Scotland275−13
1990Nick Faldo (England)St Andrews, Scotland270−18
1991Ian Baker-Finch (Australia)Royal Birkdale, England272−8
1992Nick Faldo (England)Muirfield, Scotland272−12
1993Greg Norman (Australia)Royal St George’s, England267−13
1994Nick Price (Zimbabwe)Turnberry, Scotland268−12
1995John Daly (US)*St Andrews, Scotland282−6
1996Tom Lehman (US)Royal Lytham & St Annes, England271−13
1997Justin Leonard (US)Royal Troon, Scotland272−12
1998Mark O’Meara (US)*Royal Birkdale, England280E
1999Paul Lawrie (Scotland)*Carnoustie, Scotland290+6
2000Tiger Woods (US)St Andrews, Scotland269−19
2001David Duval (US)Royal Lytham & St Annes, England274−10
2002Ernie Els (South Africa)*Muirfield, Scotland278−6
2003Ben Curtis (US)Royal St George’s, England283−1
2004Todd Hamilton (US)*Royal Troon, Scotland274−10
2005Tiger Woods (US)St Andrews, Scotland274−14
2006Tiger Woods (US)Royal Liverpool, England270−18
2007Pádraig Harrington (Ireland)*Carnoustie, Scotland277−7
2008Pádraig Harrington (Ireland)Royal Birkdale, England283+3
2009Stewart Cink (US)*Turnberry, Scotland278−2
2010Louis Oosthuizen (South Africa)St Andrews, Scotland272−16
2011Darren Clarke (Northern Ireland)Royal St George’s, England275−5
2012Ernie Els (South Africa)Royal Lytham & St Annes, England273−7
2013Phil Mickelson (US)Muirfield, Scotland281−3
2014Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland)Royal Liverpool, England271−17
2015Zach Johnson (US)*St Andrews, Scotland273−15
2016Henrik Stenson (Sweden)Royal Troon, Scotland264−20
2017Jordan Spieth (US)Royal Birkdale, England268−12
2018Francesco Molinari (Italy)Carnoustie, Scotland276−8
2019Shane Lowry (Ireland)Royal Portrush, Northern Ireland269-15
2020???Royal St George’s, England????
2021???St Andrews, Scotland????
2022???Royal Liverpool, England????

* Won in play-off
(a) Amateur when won