How to place a trifecta on the Melbourne Cup online 2020

Welcome to the WGL’s guide for the novice punter wishing to place a trifecta bet with a corporate bookmaker on the Melbourne Cup. Our simple, step-by-step guide will take you through placing a trifecta bet with rising Australian corporate bookmaker PlayUp, with whom you can also place win and place bets as well as exotic wagers such as trifectas, quinellas, first fours and more.

With COVID-19 protocols in place in Victoria and elsewhere, at many TAB outlets around Australia the queues will be longer than ever, if the venue is even open.

So the fastest way to get set for a Melbourne Cup trifecta and other bets on the race that stops a nation is to join an online betting site and place your bet that way.

While we are focusing on PlayUp, all of the corporate bookmakers available to Australian punters operate in a similar way when it comes to placing wagers.

What is a trifecta bet?

To win a Melbourne Cup trifecta bet you must successfully select the first, second and third horses over the line in the correct order. It’s a difficult assignment, which is why the dividends for this type of bet can be large on a big race with huge turnover such as the Melbourne Cup. A First Four works on the same principle but you must get the first four in correct order, and the dividend for these can be in the tens if not hundreds of thousands if your winning bet includes some big-priced runners.

Selecting a winning trifecta straight out is next to impossible, which is why you need to include multiple options or “box’’. The simplest form of box trifecta is to select three horses which can finish in any order in the first three for you to win. This costs $6 for a $1 unit as there are six possible combinations: 1-2-3; 1-3-2; 2-1-3; 2-3-1; 3-1-2; 3-2-1.

Is it safe to place a Melbourne Cup bet with an online bookie?

Yes, if you choose a respected, regulated online betting site, they have security standards that match those of the banks. Be sure to allow some time before the race if you want to place a bet online and need to open an account at the bookies. Signing up is itself is a simple process and takes a couple of minutes though you may need to verify your account (again a simple process) before you can withdraw any winnings.

Placing a trifecta bet online at PlayUp Australia

After you have opened an account, simply deposit enough funds to cover the bet you plan to place. Note that you do not have to take a trifecta for a full $1 unit… you can bet as much as you are comfortable with and take a smaller or even larger percentage of the final dividend. For example if you place a $3 bet on a box trifecta with three horses, you would receive 50% of the dividend if your bet is a winner.

Once you have a funded account and are signed in online, follow  our step by step guide to placing a trifecta on the Melbourne Cup.

  1. Open a new account at Playup Australia

    This involves visiting and creating a new account. This process takes about three minutes and involves handing over your personal details.

  2. Navigation

    From the menu on the left of the screen under “Featured’’, click on “Melbourne Cup” to navigate to the markets for the great race. Find the “trifecta” tab above the field and click to go through to the Cup trifecta menu.

  3. Making your Melbourne Cup trifecta selections

    Next to each horse you will see three boxes for First, Second and Third. Tick the boxes corresponding with your Melbourne Cup trifecta selections in the race. You do not have to take a horse to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd. For example you could take a “standout trifecta” where you select one or more horses to win, with many more in the mix to finish second and third. If you wish to take the entire field, for example, to finish third, tick the “3rd field” button at the top right of the field.

  4. Calculating your Melbourne Cup combinations

    Once you have settled on your Melbourne Cup trifecta selections, you will be able to see at the bottom how many combinations you have and then be able to add the amount per combination you wish to spend OR nominate how much overall you with to spend. Once you have decided this, hit the ADD TO BETSLIP button.

  5. Always check your Melbourne Cup bet slip when placing trifectas

    Check your betting slip on the right-hand side and then if you are satisfied you have the numbers right, hit the place bet and confirm buttons. It should go through almost immediately but it’s worth making sure your balance reflects that you have placed the bet and also to check the bet in the PENDING BETS area of your account.

  6. How long until winning Melbourne Cup trifecta bets pay out?

    Now is the time to cross your fingers and hope your horses and jockeys do the right thing and provide you with an unexpected windfall! Melbourne Cup trifecta bet payouts are generally made within about 20 minutes of the race finishing, after the stewards have examined the tape.