Local bank transfers to online casinos

Local bank transfers or deposits are a popular way to fund your online casino account, although if you are in a country with strict gambling laws it’s unlikely this method will be available to you.

In short, a local bank transfer is moving money from your account to a bank account held by the online casino in your country.

While technically not a bank transfer, it is also possible to deposit cash to your casino’s account in person at a branch of the bank where it is held.

NB: The process and laws surrounding local bank transfers to online casinos are different from country to country. If gambling is banned in your country you’re unlikely to be able to deposit with this method.

Step by step: Guide to depositing with a local bank transfer

Step 1: Choose an online casino to sign up at that has local bank transfers as a deposit option. You may firstly need to ascertain whether you are in a country that may block or stop local bank transfers to gambling companies.

Step 2: After you have opened your new account, visit the banking or cashier section of the online casino. In there you will find the local bank transfer option.

Step 3: You will then find the details you need to make a local bank transfer. This will include things such as the account number and the branch number.

Step 4: You now have to facilitate the transfer, either via your online banking, telephone banking or in the flesh. If you choose to deposit in person it’s also possible to make the deposit with cash, directly into the casino’s account. If you choose to make the deposit online or on the phone there may be a waiting period while the transfer is processed, which can be up to three days in some cases.

Step 5: Wait for the online casino to update your account balance. If you have any trouble while making the process it’s important that you can reach customer service to find out why the amount has not been added to your casino account.

How long do local bank transfers take?

How long it takes for the money to leave your account and hit your casino account when making a local bank transfer will largely depend on where you are in the world.

For instance a local bank transfer in the UK is likely to be processed overnight, meaning you can be playing within a few hours of facilitating the transfer. However other places can have a 48-72-hour waiting period before the money will hit their casino account.

If you are transferring to an international bank account this can take longer again, with it not uncommon for this type of transfer to take between three and seven days.

Withdrawing with a local bank transfer

It is possible to withdraw money from your online casino account back to your bank account, using a local bank transfer as the method.

As a general rule you will have to make the transfer back to the bank account you made the deposit with, although this is not always the case, with this depending on the licensing of the gambling site you are playing at.

Are bank transfers safe?

Making a bank transfer is one of the oldest deposit methods to online casinos. It also needs to be initiated by the user via one of the bank methods we mentioned above which means it falls under the bank’s security protocol.

However, whether you remain safe while gambling online will depend on the casino and websites you visit. Basically if the casino is dodgy you will struggle to remain safe. But if you do your homework and use websites such as the World Gambling List to read reviews you will remain safe. Just engage your brain before betting on the internet.

The verdict: Who should use local bank transfers

Most of the Western world has bank accounts, which means bank transfers are very accessible when depositing to online casinos.

One of the biggest benefits of bank transfers is that you can move around large sums of money. It is not often that you will find a cap on this type of deposit. This makes local bank transfers one of the best types of deposit for high rollers.

Another reason you could use a local bank transfer to fund your online casino account is that you don’t have other methods available to you. You may not have a bank card or access to fund a web wallet or prepaid card while with a bank transfer you don’t need anything, other than the casino’s bank details.