How to watch the 2019 Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup might only be held every four years, but it garners significant interest, with people looking to watch their country play via live streaming or on free-to-air television. This article will teach you everything you need to know about live streaming and watching the Rugby World Cup in 2019.

How to watch RWC19 – By Country

Here is quick reference guide to the vision and live streaming rights at RWC’19, being playing in Japan, while you can access further details about how to watch the Rugby World Cup in each country below.

Arab League – RTC Sports
Australia – Fox Sports
Brazil – ESPN
Canada – TSN
Fiji – TBA
France – TF1
Monaco – TF1
Georgia – TBA
Germany – Ran, Prosieben Maxx
Ireland – RTE sport, Eir Sport 1, Eir Sport 2
Japan – Nippon TV, NHK, J Sports
New Zealand – TVNZ
Oceania – TBA
Romania – TBA
Russia – TBA
South America – ESPN
Spain – TBA
Sub Saharan Africa – Supersport
United Kingdom – ITV, ITV4 and ITV Hub
United States – NBC sports Gold, NBC and Univision

How to watch RWC’19 in Australia

RWC’19 is going to be a massive event in Australia and millions of people will be tuning in to watch the Wallabies play. Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to watching the Rugby World Cup with several live streaming and free to air coverage options of the national team’s matches available.

Live streaming

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the entirety of the Rugby World Cup, signing up for a free Kayo account is in your best interests. While it costs about $25 a month, it is possible to sign up for a free trial which will give you access to one month of the service.

While Kayo is owned by Foxtel, it is cheaper than their big brother, which will also show all of the RWC via a dedicated Fox Sports channel.

So in conclusion the legal options to stream the World Cup in Australia are via Kayo and Foxtel Now, while all Wallabies matches and finals (quarter finals onwards) will also be streamed on 10Play.

Free to air coverage of RWC

Channel 10 has got the free-to-air broadcast rights for the 2019 World Cup, but they are only showing all Wallabies matches, plus the quarter finals onwards.

Foxtel, which you will need to have a valid subscription for, will screen every match of the tournament live on their dedicated Fox Sports channel.

How to watch the Rugby World Cup in the United Kingdom

England is one of the main threats to win the Rugby World Cup and there is guaranteed to be keen interest in watching them, Scotland, Wales and Ireland play. Like the 2015 tournament, UK rugby fans will be able to watch all of the games via ITV.

Live streaming online

You will be able to watch all of the Rugby World Cup via ITV Player, also known as the ITV Hub, which is basically an online streaming service that is very popular in England. You can watch the ITV Hub with advertisements for free, but if you pay a small £3.99 fee you can get more features, including an ad free experience and the ability to use the service when you are abroad. Most of Europe can also use this service.

Watch games live on UK TV

ITV Sports will stream every game of the World Cup live into the United Kingdom, which is great for rugby union fans in the country. This is the free option to watch rugby matches live during the RWC tournament.

RWC TV rights and broadcasting in Japan

The host nation of the Rugby World Cup, Japan, has got various methods for its citizens and visitors of the country to watch the tournament. These include both free-to-air live options and online streaming services.

Live streaming

If you are looking to watch the RWC via a handset like a iPhone or iPad Jsports has got an online presence, with it possible to live stream the channel as long as you’re a paid-up-subscriber.

Nippon TV and NHK are yet to declare what sort of online access rugby fans will have in Japan, during the World Cup.

Live coverage of RWC19

Three broadcasters in Japan are sharing the broadcast rights for the Rugby World Cup, with Nippon TV, NHK and J Sports all showing selected matches.

Watching RWC’19 in Canada

Canada is set to screen all Rugby World Cup matches on TSN (The Sports Network) and while their National team is not expected to excel at the tournament, the sport has a solid fanbase in the country.

Live RWC Coverage on free-to-air

In Canada, as long as you are a paid up cable TV subscriber, you can watch TSN and in turn the RWC. Basically you just need to tune in when the game you want to watch is being played.

How to live stream the RWC from Canada

Simply visit the TSN homepage and choose your TV provider in the top section, before punching in your account details. TSN launched their on-demand live streaming service several years ago, to give sports fans the option to still watch their programs without paying for a full cable service.

How to watch RWC’19 in New Zealand

The Rugby World Cup, one of the biggest sports events in New Zealand, will be screened live in NZ. While through the same source it is possible to also live stream the games online.

Watching the Rugby live in New Zealand

TVNZ, which is the state-owned television network that broadcasts to both New Zealand and other parts of the Pacific. While it is regarded as a “part public broadcaster” the station is fully funded by commercial activities.

Live streaming RWC’19

TVNZ has both an on-demand online service and live streaming of all of their content, with it as simple as needing to be in the right location and having internet access. For instance, despite close proximity, Australians cannot watch TVNZ, even with a VPN.

How to watch the Rugby World Cup in the USA

While the Rugby World Cup is not the biggest event in the USA, their is significant interest among expats and locals, with several of the main sports stations in the country providing both live streaming online and live feeds of all games.

Live RWC TV coverage

You will need a subscription to watch NBC Sports Gold’s live coverage of the Rugby World Cup, while there will also be limited coverage on the commercial NBC station.

RWC Live streaming online

NBC Sports Gold will carry every match of the World Cup, with this being a paid subscription service.

Television coverage of RWC’19 in Ireland

The Rugby World Cup is being screen live in Ireland, with their team hoping to push deep into the tournament. The stations expected to cover the World Cup are Ireland RTE sport, Eir Sport 1 and Eir Sport 2 with it expected to be a multi-platform coverage.

Watch on live television

Ireland’s national broadcaster will give you coverage of all of Ireland’s matches, while they will also cover some other blockbuster games, plus the quarter finals, semi finals and final.

Live streaming in Ireland

Eir Sport 1 and 2 will live stream all Rugby World Cup matches in 2019, with this service available for free to broadband subscribers with Eir. You can also pay for a subscription. This service allows you to live stream games on computer, or via the media company’s iOS or Android apps.