Best Visa betting sites 2021

Visa is one of the most common ways people deposit to sports betting sites, with both credit and debit cards commonly accepted. Some countries have outlawed credit betting, but as a general rule all all betting sites accept Visa payments. The best Visa betting sites in 2021 will largely depend on where you are based in the world with the World Gambling List only advertising legal options to our readers. The top Visa betting sites in 2021 are:

Best Visa betting sites 2021

There are very few online bookmakers that are not also Visa betting sites, with this the #1 way punters fund their accounts. While there are various restrictions placed on Visa betting sites by select regulators, most will allow you to fund your account. Some of the top International Visa betting sites include:


One of the most popular Visa betting sites in the world, Betway has a huge array of markets available and sits comfortably among the best bookies in the UK and Europe. Betway review.

William Hill

Another Visa sports betting site based out of the UK is William Hill, which is one of the oldest bookies in the world. Hills accepts players from all over the world, with a few notable exceptions being some states in the US and Australia. William Hill review.

Step by step: Visa deposits at online betting sites

In this section of our Visa betting sites guide we will break down the process of using this betting payment method into steps. You should be betting within five minutes using Visa, even if you have not opened a new account.

  1. Find a suitable Visa betting site

    Really, the question you need to answer is what are the laws surrounding online betting in my location. Most places either have a regulated gambling industry, or allow citizens to bet with offshore betting sites. Our geo-targeted table above only shows Visa betting sites you are eligible to sign up at.

  2. Joining Visa betting sites

    Signing up at Visa sports betting sites is a straight-forward process, that can be completed within five minutes. Basically give over your personal details like name, address, email and date of birth, which is a standard practice, and you will be able to begin betting.

  3. Making your Visa deposit at betting sites

    Now you have opened your account, it’s a straight-forward process to fund your account with Visa. Just visit the cashier or banking section of the bookie and choose Visa as your payment method. Now follow the prompts — entering in the details of your card — and amount you wish to deposit and complete the transaction. You have now funded the Visa betting site instantly.

  4. Withdrawing with Visa at betting sites

    Some online betting sites allow you to withdraw back to the card you deposited with, with this withdrawal option, depending on if it’s a local or international transfer, taking between 24 hours and five days. Bookies in places like Australia, where there is a regulated sports betting industry, generally will have the money back in your account within 24 hours. It’s important to note that most Visa bettings sites insist you verify your account before you can withdraw, so make sure you give the correct details during the sign up process.

Types of Visa accepted at sports betting sites

Visa is one of the biggest payment companies in the world and their services extend beyond just credit cards and debits cards in 2021. The full list of Visa types able to be used at sports betting sites includes:

Visa Credit: Credit cards are only given to people with good ratings at banks and essentially allow you fund betting sites with the bank’s money.

Visa Debit: Follows the same process at Visa betting sites as credit cards, just sign up, enter your card details and choose the amount you wish to deposit. The only difference of debit cards is you are spending your savings.

Visa pre-paid: Visa pre-paid cards you can buy from retail outlets around the world with cash. You can then use them online at Visa betting sites, just like you would a regular Visa card.

Visa Gift Card: While not renowned for being used at Visa sports betting sites, Visa Gift Cards will work at betting companies, in exactly the same way as regular Visas.

Visa fees and hidden costs at sports betting sites

As a general rule funding your online betting account with Visa is free and instant, meaning you can fund your account within minutes.

You may however we be charged a small fee if you choose to withdraw back to your Visa credit or debit card, with this being common across the online betting industry.

Visa betting sites in the United Kingdom for instance do not charge fees as a standard for using Visa payment, but they will put a minimum on the amount you must deposit, with this often £10 or £5.

Commonly asked questions about Visa betting sites

Often Visa betting sites can be intimidating if you are a first time bettor, however this does not need to be the case, with it one of the most secure payment types in the world. If you have a query email us at or drop us a message in the box below.

What does Visa mean?

While Visa is a brand in the case we are talking about, Visa, accordingto the Merriam-Webster dictionary says it’s “an endorsement made on a passport by the proper authorities denoting that it has been examined and that the bearer may proceed” or “a signature of formal approval by a superior upon a document”.

Is it free to sign up at a Visa betting site?

Yes, Visa sports betting sites do not charge to create an account, but obviously you will need to pay to bet.

Are Visa betting sites legal?

This largely depends on where you are in the world, with many countries having regulated betting industries. Visa betting sites are legal in most places. Always do you your homework on your personal laws before committing to a Visa betting site, although most will not accept you if you are breaking laws.

Are there any online casinos with Visa payments?

Many of the top online casinos boast Visa payments, while some even have sports betting available as well. Check out our guide to Visa casinos for more information.

Visa betting sites conclusion 2021

Visa betting sites are 100% legal and allowed right across the globe, with this credit and debit payment option one of the most common. It is also one of the most convenient with it the most-used payment type in regular life, with Mastercard it’s main competitor. If we had one criticism with Visa as a betting payment option it is that they don’t have a web wallet service, meaning withdrawals can take longer than you would like. Overall though, Visa betting sites should be trusted by punters.