Bitcoin online casinos

best online casinos accepting bitcoin

Just like your regular brick and mortar casinos, bitcoin online casinos have all of the classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and slots.

One important aspect that sets online bitcoin casino sites apart is that unlike your regular brick and mortar casinos, and to a certain extent cash-only online casinos, they are not restricted by regulations and often have lower house edges.

And of course the best bit about gambling at a bitcoin gambling site is that you have the opportunity to remain completely anonymous and to deposit and withdraw your funds instantly.

In 2019 the best online casinos with bitcoin deposits often will also accept fiat deposits:

What games can I play at Bitcoin casinos?

Like we mentioned, there is no real difference in game quality between a regular online casino and a BTC casino. The only difference is with your deposit method. This means there are literally hundreds of different games that you can play.

Here are just a few:

Bitcoin casino bonuses & welcome packages

Online casinos with btc depositsMany online casinos have inducements to get players to play at their website, which generally take the form of a deposit bonus. This means that if you deposit three bitcoins at a casino, you may have six bitcoins in total if it’s a 100 per cent match bonus. Generally these bonuses have a limit, although in the fiat online casino world there are plenty of unlimited deposit bonuses. So whatever you deposit is doubled by the casino.

These ‘Welcome Packages’ are somewhat tempered by the fact that you are usually required to meet wagering requirements. So you might be required to bet the bonus amount two or three times before you can withdraw the bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet.

Another thing a casino might entice you to sign up with is by giving you free spins on a certain slot machine. We know of at least one bitcoin online casino that is offering 100 free spins without even making a deposit.

Bitcoin live dealer casinos

Live dealer at online bitcoin casinosIt is true that playing at online casinos could become boring, where is the atmosphere? Where is the social element? The friend to buy you a beer when you do your cash on the blackjack tables in Vegas?

Live dealer casino has revolutionised the way that we gamble online. Now when you play blackjack, roulette or baccarat you can watch beautiful ladies or men deal your cards, you can chat to them and they will acknowledge your presence.

The feed is live and it certainly brings gambling online alive. The table limits vary from casino to casino, but live dealer is definitely worth checking out when you are looking for somewhere to spend your digital currency.

Depositing & withdrawing at bitcoin casinos

The main difference between depositing and withdrawing money at bitcoin casinos and regular online casinos is that every banking transaction is instant.

If your bitcoin wallet is funded, you are able to instantly deposit money at a bitcoin casino and begin playing.

When you’ve finished your session, you instantly can withdraw your funds back to your bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin casino customer support and player security

As always when you’re gambling online you should do your homework before committing your crypto-currency to a certain establishment. By doing your homework we mean reading reviews of the establishment you are going to bet at.

You should also thoroughly check out the website. Do they have a contact phone number? Do they have customer support, and do they respond promptly when you ask a question about depositing with them?

Another way you can test out a casino is by depositing the minimum amount of bitcoins and then simply withdrawing it back to your bitcoin wallet. This tests out their platform and puts your mind at ease before you commit to a larger sum.

If there is no customer support available at the casino that you choose to play at, the alarm bells should be ringing and you should move ahead very cautiously.

Licensing and regulation at Bitcoin casinos

If you are a regular gambling online you will be well aware that there are many casinos that are licensed in countries such as Malta, Curacao and in some countries where online gambling is regulated.

These licences and regulations are slowly becoming more commonplace in the bitcoin gambling world, as authorities realise that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

While bitcoin casinos do not have, and may not ever have, the same level of regulation as fiat casinos because of the differing laws around the world, there are plenty of casinos with strong reputations that have plenty of positive consumer reviews.

So in conclusion, when you’re dealing with any online gambling abode, licensing aside, do your homework before you commit your bank to a casino.

Software at bitcoin casinos

There have been rapid strides in the software used at bitcoin casinos in recent months with leading platform developers Playtech, Aristocrat and Betsoft leading the way.

For the first couple of years bitcoin online casinos were ugly and player retention was awful because you simply were on a website that lacked functionality and was not aesthetically pleasing.

But with the incredible growth in the industry and more and more people using cryptocurrencies as a form of payment there has been more investment from vendors into their online bitcoin gambling websites.

So the good oil on gambling at bitcoin casinos is to use a software provider that has a good reputation. Companies such as Microgaming and the above-mentioned platforms have reputations that precede them.

Bitcoin casinos by country

Different countries have different laws and regulations surrounding bitcoin, which means not every casino player operates under the same rules, or even at the same bitcoin casinos. This section will give you a brief synopsis of online casinos in countries with large bitcoin followings.

BTC online casinos in China

China has cracked down on bitcoin in recent years and while the word “banned” is probably too strong, the restrictions on exchanges and ICOs is making the trading of cryptocurrencies almost non-existent. While there are still many bitcoin online casinos which accept players from China, the actual use of these gambling sites is believed to have diminished significantly. The Chinese government not only has a very strong stance against online gambling, they also have a strong stance against bitcoin, making it increasingly difficult to find a casino worth playing at.