Best esports betting sites in 2020

The best esports betting sites will largely depend on where you are in the world, but rest assured this is a burgeoning area for online sportsbooks. The top esports betting sites will feature wagering on games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite and even sports games such as FIFA and NBA2k.

Our top esports betting sites for 2020 are:

Top 10 International esports betting sites

There are a handful of esports betting sites that stand clearly above the others, and this section will highlight these. Our top 10 International esports bookmakers list has a focus on betting sites that accept punters from numerous countries, have extensive esports odds and have outstanding reputations. Universally regarded as one of the top bet sites for esports, is the globally facing brand with a history dating back over 20 years. The sheer volume of esports odds has them at the top of our list. Read our Betway esports review. Narrowly trailing Betway in second sport on our top esports bookies list, is global giant Accepting punters from over 200 countries, Bet365 has some esports betting markets that no other brand has, particularly surrounding the bigger games like Dota 2. Another brand known all around the world, William Hill International has a clear focus on esports betting, and sits comfortably amount the top sites largely because of their high trust level and ability to frame so many markets in comparison to smaller bookmaking outfits. Read our William Hill esports review.

ArcaneBet: The first of the esports-only betting sites to make our top 10 list, ArcaneBet’s sole focus on professional video gaming wagering gives them a unique vibe in comparison to other operators. You can stream many esports via the site as you bet. Has licenses in the UK, Malta and Sweden, meaning Betsafe is truly an International esports betting site. Has plenty of great esports betting markets on offer and has some generous new sign up bonuses. Read our Betsafe esports review. A highly popular esport betting site with strong roots in Europe. Betsson allows live betting on esports, as well as having a very friendly layout for players. Navigating the various esports leagues and one-off competitions is easy at Betsson. Read our Betsson esports review for more information. Unibet is one of the most popular boomakers in the world and their esports section does not let anyone down. On top of daily esports markets on all the pro leagues and comps, Unibet has one of the better futures offerings, making this a must-use esports betting site. Read our Unibet review.

Esports betting sites — A step by step guide

This section will teach you everything you need to know to wager at the top esports betting sites.

  1. Finding an esports betting site

    The first step to betting on professional video games is to find an esports betting site that suits your needs. Our table above is geo-targeted and only displays esports bookmakers that are relevant to you.

  2. Create a new esports bookie account

    This section will require you to fill in personal details, with things like your name, address and phone number some of the standards. You will need to verify this information at some point, so it’s important you give the correct details when signing up at an esports betting site.

  3. Funding your esports wagering site

    These are plenty of deposit methods available at online betting sites, which you can read about further down this page.

  4. Esports betting sign up offers

    Around this time you will need to decide whether you accept a sign up offer at an esports betting site. This largely comes down to personal preference, and often it can be like having a free swing at a home run. Just be sure to read the turnover requirements attached to any bet bonuses.

  5. Placing esports bets at the top betting sites

    It’s actually quite a simple process after you have created an account. Most esports betting sites will have extensive selection of daily odds, which are easy to navigate. Make your bet selections with these generally being moved to a bet slip. At the bet slip stage you can choose your stake, bet type and whether you are placing the wager with real money or a bonus.

  6. Resulted esports bets

    Any esports bets you place that are resulted and are winners will be credited to your account in the minutes after it finishes. Some of the smaller esports will take longer to pay out at bookmakers, but this part is entirely automated.

  7. Withdrawing at esports betting sites

    There are very few instant methods of withdrawal at esports betting sites in 2020, although this is rapidly changing as bookies look for an edge over their competitors. Cashing out at esports betting sites is simple: just visit the banking section and choose withdrawal and your method. Generally the top esports betting sites will have multiple withdrawal methods and list the time it takes for each.

Esports betting bonus offers & promotions

Esports betting sites are operating in a very competitive space, with 100s of bookmakers vying for your business. This means esports betting bonus offers are very common and can provide a great way for you to increase your bankroll free of charge.

Things like esports free bets, sign up bonuses and cash back offers are all very common at the best esports betting sites, although you need to be aware that some esport bookmakers bonuses are better than others, because of things like wagering requirements.

If you are purely basing your esports betting experience off your bonus, some of the better ones we promote on the WGL include Betway’s 100% matched deposit offer for new players and 300% deposit offer from William Hill.

You can view all of our esports betting sign up offers, promotions and bonuses in the above table. Each of the brands promote in our bookmaker table has reviews accessible on our site, which will contain further details about the bonus offers and promotions up for grabs in 2020.

Games availability at esports betting sites

Without a doubt there are five video games that have put themselves head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to esports. These competitive esports games have the most streams and in-turn have the most betting action. Below we will highlight the top five esports games you are likely to find at the top esport betting sites.

Dota 2 betting sites

Dota 2 holds all sorts of streaming records in the pro gaming world and is probably the no.1 game in terms of wagering turnover at esports betting sites in 2020. The best Dota 2 bookmakers will have markets available on things like map winners, outright winner and overall tournament winners, if it is a once-off event like The International.

League of Legends betting sites

League of Legends or LoL is easily one of the most popular esports to bet on at online sportsbooks, with millions of people tuning in via live streams to watch the pros play. Almost every sportsbook will have wagering available on LoL, with the Legends Championship Series the biggest show on the planet. The top League of Legends betting sites will offer map betting, head to head wagers, outright tournament winner and much more.

Top Counter-Strike Global offensive betting sites

CS:GO betting sites are frequent with most esports bookmakers boasting extensive wagering on this first person shooter. CS:GO is the second-highest esport in terms of prize money, with it played all over the world, with various high-profile events dotted all over the globe.

Fortnite betting sites

Fortnite is arguably the most played game on the planet, and it is slowly developing into a great betting medium. Having said this you may not find as many odds at Fortnite betting sites, as you would on other esports. This might be because Fortnite is still relatively young in the esports world, but we expect this to continue to grow in the coming years.

Overwatch betting sites

Overwatch undoubtedly is one of the biggest esports betting mediums, with its offering spearheaded by the Overwatch League and its second tier competition Overwatch Contenders. Much like other pro video games, Overwatch betting sites will have odds available on things like overall winner, map winner and some will even facilitate skins betting.

More esports games with betting available

Call of Duty
Madden NFL
Magic: The Gathering
Rainbow Six Siege
PlayerUnkowns’s Battlegrounds
PUBG Mobile
Arena of Valor
Free Fire
World of Tanks
Apex Legends

Live esports betting sites

Live esports betting is when you are wagering on professional video gaming competitions that are already underway. In-the-run esports betting allows you to watch the start of a match and then place a bet after you have had a sighter.

The danger of betting live is that esports betting sites will also see the start of an event, and the odds will be significantly lower than if you placed your bet before the start. But it can also work the other way, if a favourite is getting rolled, but you think their best is ahead of them and jump on the adjusted odds, you can find some great value.

The best live esports betting sites tend to be either dedicated esports sites, or bigger bookmaker like Bet365 and Betway that have the resources to throw into watching and handicapping underway esports events.

Choosing the best esports betting site

If you are starting out betting on the web, it can be a minefield, with so many different esport betting sites offering you a place to bet. This is when you need to keep a cool head and make smart decisions. With a few simple tips choosing an esports betting site becomes a simple task.

Look for a good range of esports odds

We have seen it plenty of times, an online bookmaker offering only betting on League of Legends or Dota 2 and ignoring the rest of the scene. We like our esports betting sites to be all encompassing, meaning we can bet on whatever pro video gaming competitions are on at any one time.

Live betting on esports

If you are in a country that allows live esports betting we strongly recommend taking advantage of it. Esports is one of those betting pursuits that ebbs and flows and the more you know your game, the better chance you are off spotting a momentum shift, or know how well a player performs on a certain map. You are simply not making the most of your esports betting if you don’t take live betting seriously.

Live streaming

While live streaming is no an absolute necessity because of channels like Twitch and Youtube that stream most esports events, it is definitely a nice perk when you can watch the event you have bet on at the same site you placed your wager.

Esports betting tools and features

Many esports betting sites will have dreamt up tools and features for punters, with things like form databases, head to head matchup tools and unique live betting interfaces common-place. Watch this space closely because esports betting is moving rapidly.

Customer service

Especially with so many esports betting sites being based out of places like Curacao and Costa Rica, customer care and methods to contact your bookmaker are crucial. If you can’t find a method to contact your esports betting site instantly we recommened finding elsewhere to bet. You can read about each of the bookmaker customer service teams in our reviews.

How to fund esports betting sites

When betting on esports you will need a way to fund your account, with the most popular deposit options including Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Neteller. What deposit options are available at esports betting sites will vary depending on what countries they are targeting.

For instance, Paypal is one of the most popular ways to fund esports bet sites, but you will only be able to use this deposit option in countries where esports betting is legal and there are regulated industries. You won’t find Paypal available at betting sites in illegal or grey markets.

esports betting sites Q & A

Are esports betting sites legal?

This really does depend on where you are based and what laws you must abide by. For instance only some states in the USA have legal sports betting, and even fewer (New Jersey and Nevada) have legalised esports betting. Other countries like Australia and the United Kingdom have legal esports betting sites. Read our guide to International betting sites to find out more about the laws in your country.

I’m new to esports betting, how do I get started?

Esports betting can be daunting for those who are new to it, largely because you need to know the games to successfully bet on them. Our guide to esports betting will teach you the nuances of wagering on professional video games.

What odds are available at esports betting sites?

This will largely depend on what game you are looking to be on and whether your esports betting site is any good. As a general rule you will find odds and markets for the next few days events, plus outright winner market for future events.

What odds formats are there are esport bet sites?

Esports betting sites, like most online bookmakers, will give you a choice of how you display your odds, with these choices being Fractional, Decimal and American odds. You can learn more about the odds formats available at esports betting sites here.

Are esports bet bonuses worth your time?

Whether esports betting bonus offers are worth your time will largely depend on your chosen bookmaker. For instance some esports betting site bonuses will have very unfavourable wagering requirements, meaning you are no chance of turning a profit, while others are perfectly fair. Just do your homework before committing to a esports betting bonus.