Andhra Pradesh gambling guide

Andhra Pradesh has several legal forms of gambling, which are lotteries, rummy and horse racing, and they are extremely popular among the 10th-largest Indian state. This includes legal tote or pool betting on horse racing and government-sanctioned lotteries. The two main pieces of legislation governing gambling are the Andhra Pradesh Gaming Act of 1974 and the federally enacted Public Gaming of 1867.

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Gambling in a glimpse: Andhra Pradesh

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Legal Online
Lotteries: Yes No/Yes Yes
Sports betting: No No/Yes No
Horse racing: Yes Yes/Yes Yes
Casino gambling: No No/Yes No
Rummy: Yes No/Yes Yes

Best online bookmakers for Andhra Pradesh

Like most of India there is no legal sports betting or bookmakers in the Telangana district although many people wager on sports via the internet and offshore bookmakers. The only legal form of betting held in Andhra Pradesh is on horse racing and only via tote betting or on-course bookies. There is also a thriving underground sports betting scene. In 2019 many changes surrounding sports betting in India are expected and, rest assured, when legal options become available the World Gambling List will keep you informed.

Best online casinos for Andhra Pradesh

Online casino gambling is growing increasingly popular in this district of India, although it is technically not legal. This does not stop punters from wagering with offshore casinos which run every day of the year. There is every chance that in the near future the Indian government will attempt to stamp out the sites operating in India but based elsewhere, but it’s hard to see this having any impact until the government gives its citizens some legal options.

Gambling laws in Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Pradesh Gaming Act outlaws any citizens of this state from running a gaming house which either accepts sports bets or hosts casino games. It fails to address online wagering but does have provisions for games of skill, including in 2019 horse racing and rummy.

The Andhra Pradesh Lotteries Act, 1968, is the defining document that legalises lotto in this state. It goes out of its way to ban lottos not sanctioned by the state government and this has been enforced over the years with several high-profile illegal lotteries being busted.

The Andhra Pradesh (Telangana area) horse racing and betting tax Act, 1986, is another piece of legislation that must be followed to legally run horse racing events, with this basically saying sanctioned race meetings must hand over the government’s tax cut within the sanctioned period or they will be charged interest, or face other sanctions, such as being shut down.

Horse racing in the Telangana area

The Hyderabad Race Club is the main venue in the Telangana area and features racing in two distinct seasons, which are monsoon and winter. Many races are very lucrative by local standards with owners and trainers receiving the lion’s share of prize money. Jockeys are also given a flat fee per ride and a percentage of any winnings which varies depending on the reputation of the hoop and the agreement struck up with connections.

Racing has been held in this region of India since at least 1868 with the Moula-Ali Racecourse having documented events at this time, with the primary managers of these early days being English expats. Remarkably one of the most fabled stories about racing in this region is the 1872 Melbourne Cup winner The Quack running the following year in the Hyderabad Gold Cup and finishing second.