Alipay online casinos

AliPay online casinosAlipay has quickly become a massive factor in payment processing in China, while many online casinos have started accepting AliPay deposits in 2019.

In short, Alipay is a web wallet solution that allows customers to store funds digitally, before spending them at merchants that accept this type of payment. If an online casino does not have Alipay you won’t be able to use this deposit method.

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Best online casinos with AliPay banking

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There are many online casinos in 2019 that accept AliPay as a deposit method, including many sites endorses.

Be aware that you will have to be a member of AliPay to use this service at an online casino. If you are a member of AliPay it’s likely you know that this is a big business with tight security protocols. It’s really an ideal gambling deposit method.

How to use AliPay to fund an online casino account

There are two main ways that gamblers can use AliPay to fund their online casino account: via their mobile phone or through using your AliPay credentials.

QR Code at payments page

To use this method you need to sign up at an online casino that has AliPay as a deposit method. You then visit the banking or cashier section of the casino and choose Alipay as your payment method. Punch in how much you want to deposit when prompted and then scan the QR code with your AliPay mobile app.

Using your Alipay credentials

This is also an option for Alipay account holders who, for one reason or another, can’t use the app. You follow a similar process except when you reach the checkout stage. To begin, sign up at an online casino that accepts Alipay, then visit the cashier or banking section and choose Alipay as your deposit method. Instead of scanning your QR code, enter in your account details which you can find inside your Alipay account.

Using AliPay to deposit in your online casinos account really is self explanatory once you have began the process with most gambling sites prompting you through the entire process.

Withdrawals with AliPay

AliPay also allows players to withdraw funds from their online casino account, back to their AliPay account. While moving money with AliPay is usually instant, often there will be a lag time while an online casino processes your request. This is pretty standard despite AliPay being an “instant” money transfer in most cases.

AliPay fees for gambling transactions

Alipay charges merchants for each transaction, with this usually being a small percentage or a capped amount, depending on the individual arrangement they have with the business.

In terms of gambling sites, AliPay will have struck up arrangements with them individually, and it will be up to your chosen online casino whether they pass on the costs of the transaction to the consumer, or they wear it themselves. All good online casinos will make this information very clear when you visit their banking sections.

History of AliPay

Originally launched in 2003, by Taobao, AliPay was one of the first companies that forced China’s hand in issuing regulation surrounding third-party payment providers. These guidelines are different to those placed on foreign banking methods.

AliPay is now one of the biggest payment processors in the world, officially overtaking Paypal for daily users in 2013. Unlike Paypal though, AliPay does most of its business in China, while it has also expanded into many other countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Norway.

Statistic coming out China claim that AliPay makes up over half of all non-bank transactions in the country, a huge market share. It sits comfortably alongside other similar services like WeChat Pay as a popular Chinese banking method at online casinos.

Part of AliPay’s international expansion was to target Chinese tourist hotspots, where they have partnered with local banks and then offered AliPay payments at brick and mortar retail outlets.

In 2019 more and more AliPay online casinos are springing up as they realise the lucrative gambling industry can provide them with a financial windfall.