Deposit options at online casinos

The ways you can deposit money to online casinos vary greatly from country to country. For instance, the online casino industry is fully regulated in Britain so there are many ways you can fund your account. But if you are in a country such as the USA or China where there is a tougher stance on online wagering, you need to delve a little deeper to complete your online casino banking transactions.

This article will give you an overview of deposit options at online casinos, while we will go into further detail about each country’s best casino payment methods in separate stories.

Credit & debit cards

The most common way people fund casino accounts, with players from most countries able to use cards such as Visa and Mastercard, although punters from the USA are only just gaining the ability to use bank cards in this way. Other countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark and Romania have fully regulated online casinos and in-turn take credit card payments at online casinos.

Credit card: This is a sweeping term for the different types of credit card payments taken at online casinos. For instance some gambling sites won’t accept Diners Club but will accept Visas. Some Visas issued by some banks won’t work at some online casinos, but they will at others. In short credit deposits put you in debt with your bank. Read our more detailed guide on credit card deposits for further information.

Visa: The most common type of credit card and one of the most popular with online punters. Often you will find there is a limit, much lower than you want to deposit, like $500 or $1000. USA players still sometimes have their cards blocked, although some gambling sites have started using a third party to process payments which allows the transactions to go through.

Mastercard: The Pepsi to the Coke (Visa) of the credit card world. Works in a similar way and has restrictions in some countries. Like with the Visa, it will come down to your individual bank. It is a common trend in the gambling industry for Mastercard to be less widely accepted by online casinos than Visas, while the fees associated with some Mastercards can also be higher than their chief rival.

Diners Club: Often won’t work at online casinos, although this is slowly changing, with some gambling countries with grey laws citizens able to accept Diners Club, while many regulated markets’ online casinos also take this form of payment. Definitely is not as widespread as chief rivals Visa and Mastercard, the latter of which it has a global partnership with.

American Express: One of the most popular credit cards in the world, Amex is not found as commonly as a deposit method at online casinos. Has a huge market share in the USA, but does have restrictions surrounding transferring money to offshore gambling sites. Is one of the most prestigious brands in the world.

Credit cards – By country

United Kingdom: The Brits use credit cards extensively to fund their casino accounts.

USA: Improving all the time with fewer reports of cards being blocked. Sites such as Bodog’s arsenal and Casino Club World have led the way in this area.

Australia: While the casino industry is not regulated in Australia, it is legal and entirely possible to use credit and debit cards to play at offshore casinos.

New Zealand: See Australia.

Spain: The Spanish regulated the online casino industry a few years ago and credit and debit cards are widely used for deposits.

Italy: Passed laws in 2011 which regulated the online casino industry in the country. Credit and debit cards are a common way of depositing funds.

China: Much like the USA, China residents have trouble depositing with credit and debit cards, with strict laws in place.

Japan: All major cards such as Visa, Maestro and Mastercard can be used by Japanese to play at online casinos.

Bank transfers or wires

The bank transfer, or bank wire, is a common way to fund your casino account and is available to anyone with a bank account. Even the gambling starved Americans and Chinese can use this method of depositing, at least at websites which offer it and also accept players from those countries.

A big benefit of making a bank wire is you are generally making the transfer from your own money, meaning banks and governments won’t restrict the amount you are transferring (ideal for high rollers).

If you are from a country where online gambling is legal, chances are online casinos will have a local bank account in your country, meaning the transaction can go through overnight, or at the worst inside 48 hours. If you are transferring to an international bank account it can take 4-7 days.

Local bank transfers: This is when the gambling company you wish to deposit at has a local bank account that you can deposit to. Often, even if a casino is based offshore, they will have this option available. However if you are in a country with strict gambling laws you may not find local bank transfers available.

Online banking & money transfers

Lately more bank transfer companies have joined the market, including Instadebit and POLi (Australia & New Zealand) which allow you to sign into your bank account through their website. Simply, you sign up at the casino, go to banking or the cashier section and choose POLi or another payment processor. You then are taken from the casino’s site to POLi’s site and are asked to log into your bank. You then can see the transaction you requested back at the casino and OK it – funding your casino account instantly.

Citadel: A Canadian-founded payment processor, Citadel allows you to transfer funds between approved banks and casino accounts. Citadel also has a web wallet, which can act as your digital bank. Citadel sits comfortably among the top deposit options for Canadian casino players.

InstaDebit: One of the most popular online banking payment methods and web wallets in Canada. This service allows you to deposit into an online casino with this banking method available. In short you open an InstaDebit account, either fund the web wallet, or link it to your bank account directly. You then login to the service via the casino’s banking dashboard and can make instant deposits.

iDebit: A company set up to cater to the world, however this has not happened and it still remains as a popular Canadian-only casino deposit and withdrawal method. It allows you to transfer money from your online banking portal, instantly to your online casino account.

Giropay: This is a German-only deposit method at online casinos. Giropay has partnerships with 1500 German banks, meaning customers of those banks can link their online bank accounts with Giropay. You can then instantly transfer funds between your bank and a casino that has this payment method.

SafetyPay: SafetyPay is a popular casino deposit options in places like South America, Mexico and North America. SafetyPay allows users to login to their online banking via a casino and facilitate money between the two. SafetyPay has low fees when making gambling deposits, making it an ideal way to fund casino accounts.

UseMyFunds: Depositing money at online casinos with UseMyFunds is possible with many having this option available in 2019. UseMyFunds will only be available in countries where gambling is regulated or it is not addressed in local law. Owned by Canadian company, UseMyServices, UseMyFunds allows you to login to your online banking and fund your gambling account, just like you would pay a bill.

Finnish eBanking: One of the most common ways to fund online casino accounts in Finland, Finnish eBanking has low fees and is an instant transaction. Basically the user logs into their online banking where they approve the payment to the casino (that must have this online casino payment method). You will need to hold a Finnish bank and know the details of your online baking to use this deposit method.

Nordea: The biggest financial services provider in Eastern Europe, Nordea is a popular way to fund online casino accounts in this region. Nordea allows users to login to their online banking (using their Netbank Access Codes) and process instant payments. To be eligible to use this service you must have a bank account with one of the six banks that are part of the Nordea agreement. Many Astropay online casinos are among the best in the world.

Klaarna: With over 16 million users in a total of 14 countries, Klaarna deposits are commonly found at online casinos catering to Europe. This service allows you to transfer funds directly from your bank account to merchants accepting this payment method instantly. With low fees it has quickly blossomed into one of the more popular alternatives to services like Trustly. Currencies Klaarna online casinos currently cater to include AUD, EUR, GBP, USD, DKK, SEK, NOK and CHF.

Moneygram: One of the world’s largest money transfer companies is available as a casino deposit method in two convenient ways, with these being electronically and in person, via one of the many vendors around the world. In comparison to other deposit methods Moneygram has relatively high fees but does push into some countries, including the USA, where gambling deposits can be problematic.

SID Instant EFT: An online payment processor popular at online casinos in South Africa. SID Instant EFT is an instant way to fund your online casino account. SID has got low fees and also lets online casino players withdraw any winnings. Is a great alternative top Paypal now that you can’t use this service to deposit at ZAR online casinos.

Web wallets

These have grown increasingly popular in the digital age, with more punters enjoying the easy deposits and withdrawals that companies such as Neteller facilitate.

The general gist of a web wallet is it acts like your wallet, but in an online sense. You link a credit card or fund your Neteller account with another method, then you can spend this money at thousands of online casinos, sports betting sites and, of course, retail outlets.

A transaction from your web wallet to a vendor, such as a casino, is instant, meaning you can begin playing immediately, but keep in mind withdrawals can take a few hours to be processed by the casino.

One of the main benefits of web wallets is the extra layer of safety they provide when gambling online. You are not giving over your bank details or your credit card number, you are simply giving casinos the details of your web wallet.

Often the web wallet you are using will guarantee your transaction, so if anything untoward happens on your account you will be reimbursed, though this generally takes a few weeks to be resolved.

The UIGEA blocked Neteller and many similar companies from accepting payments from USA citizens looking to gamble online. China has also cracked down on Neteller and company and they no longer operate in this market, but for much of the rest of the world it is a viable deposit option.

Common types: Paypal (may not work at online casinos in your country), MoneyBookers, Click2Pay and Ukash.

Neteller: Is a renowned web wallet that allows patrons of online casinos to deposit money into their gambling account. Neteller only operates in markets where online gambling and sports betting are regulated. This means you will only find Neteller at regulated online casinos in limited states in the USA and only for sports betting in Australia.

QIWI: Is the biggest web wallet in Russia with over 20 million users. QIWI is commonly found at online gambling websites as a deposit method. One of the big benefits of using this payment system is that QIWI account holders can deposit cash directly into these accounts via thousands of terminals dotted around the country.

Paypal: Probably the most high-profile out of all the web wallets available, having had Elon Musk as founder. Paypal allows you to pay merchants in real time on the internet. As a gambling deposit method Paypal is heavily restricted with most of their business coming in regulated markets.

ecoPayz: Depositing money to an online casino with ecoPayz is a simple process and will only take a few minutes. This service will allow you to deposit money from your credit or debit card, or other methods, to your ecoPayz account. If gambling is regulated in your country you will then find ecoPayz readily available at an online casino and you will be able to make instant deposits.

Apple Pay: Available to iPhone, iPad and Mac users, Apple Pay is the wallet loaded on your device. It allows you to link a card and then select Apple Pay as a deposit method at casinos. It’s instant and has low fees and has become a popular deposit method in countries that have regulation surrounding gambling.

Zimpler: Zimpler online casinos are commonly found targeting Finland and Sweden, with these the only two countries where Zimpler gambling payments are allowed. Zimpler allows you to attach a card to your phone number, before making payments with a simple sms verification at online casinos with this payment option.

EasyEFT: A payment processor that allows South Africans to transfer money between their registered bank account and online casinos. EasyEFT is a top casino deposit option for those looking to add an extra layer of security between themselves and the casino. In short, via the casino’s interface, you login to your online banking and approve transactions. Read our guide to the best EasyEFT online casinos.

Prepaid cards

Common prepaid cards include Skrill, Paysafecard and Visa Prepaid, often available at gas stations, corner stores, supermarkets and post offices.

They can be a great way to fund your account if you are from a country such as the USA where banking transactions can be restricted. You visit a card vendor and put the amount you wish on the card, which then acts like a credit card at an online casino.

There is usually a maximum amount you can put on these cards and the casino itself will generally cap how much you can deposit with this method. This is because often there is no address or name linked to your card. If this method involved huge deposits it would be open to people attempting to launder cash.

Another popular pre-paid card is Union Pay, which is available in more than 100 countries, including the USA and China.

Boleto: A prepaid voucher system in Brazil that has a huge footprint in online casinos. Basically it allows customers to fund their online casino account with cash or via online banking.

A final few words on prepaid cards: They are good for those players not looking to deposit thousands and they allow some players from markets with tough laws to deposit at gambling sites.

Paysafecard: Paysafecard is one of the most popular prepaid cards in the world, which you can use to deposit at online casinos. To acquire a Paysafecard to use at gambling sites, you either need to purchase one from over 650,000 retail outlets, or purchase via the Paysafecard website. Paysafecard will only operate in countries where online gambling is legal.

Astropaycard: Astropaycard is a pre-paid deposit method where you can buy what is essentially a pre-paid debit card. It allows you to make online bank transfers, cash deposits, use it as a prepaid pin and even make direct debits. Unfortunately the World Gambling list does not currently recommend using Astropaycard, with many reports of failed payments filtering through. Having said this, there are still plenty of Astropaycard online casinos in 2019.

Check casino deposits

The humble check now has a digital version which allows you to deposit instantly to online casinos — if you are in a country with a regulated industry.

Basically a digital check allows you to move money from your bank account to the selected online casino.

Services like the eCheck (Canada, Europe) have become common-place and run on the country’s banking system, just like the traditional check.

eCheck: This is the Canadian and European version of the digital check. It provides an instant deposit to your online casino account. This service has also opened up to online casino players in the USA who have regulated gambling options (Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware).

Bitcoin deposits

Technically bitcoin could have gone in the transfers section, but bitcoin deserves a section of its own. The almost anonymous bitcoin works like gold. You buy it at an online exchange or in person and you can then transfer it to online casinos instantly and with no transaction fees.

There have been well-documented bitcoin frauds and thefts but it is becoming more secure and there are many casinos accepting this cryptocurrency, many of them using this as the sole deposit method. For Chinese punters in particular it has caught on. We have extensive information about bitcoin available on our website, or jump to the best online bitcoin casinos.

Other cryptocurrencies for gambling deposits

There are numerous other cryptocurrencies that can be found at gambling sites as a deposit method. These include your bigger contemporaries to bitcoin like bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. In general depositing with an alt coin like the ones we have mentioned is a straightforward process, and usually mimics the method you would use to deposit bitcoin. Our detailed guide to cryptocurrencies at gambling sites can teach you everything you need to know.

Ethereum: Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that emerged after bitcoin, but quickly gained a huge following. There are many online casinos, mostly licensed in places like Curacao, that accept Ethereum deposits. Ethereum deposits at gambling sites are instant, while some online casinos will even process Ether withdrawals instantly, meaning you will have your balance back in your wallet straight away.

Libra: Social media giant Facebook announced its own cryptocurrency payment system in June 2019, with many predicting it will shake-up the global payment scene. While there has been no announcement surrounding Libra and its gambling policy, we can imagine that Libra will become a popular online casino payment method.

Mobile casino banking options

Google Pay: Google Pay is not currently supported by any online casinos, although this could change with the tech giant always on the lookout to further maximise revenue, and not many any industries are as lucrative as gambling.

WeChat Pay: A chinese phenomena with over 1 billion users, WeChat Pay is built into the WeChat app. It is possible to use this banking method at online casinos that support it. It’s free to use and usually instant.

AliPay: One of the biggest payment processors in China, AliPay is a popular deposit method at online casinos that allows you to make payments via the AliPay app. Has low fees and a good reputation for security. Is only just beginning to burgeon as a casino banking method in 2019 with more and more gambling sites beginning to accept it.

Swish: Swish is a Swedish mobile payment system, designed to replace cards, that was originally launched in 2012. While there are only a handful of casino with this payment method so far in the newly-regulated Sweden gambling market, it is a convenient system where you use the Swish App, linked to a convenient payment method like credit or debit card, to make instant payments at both retail outlets and online. Two of the best online casinos in Sweden, Leo Vegas and Casumo have got this gambling deposit method available.

Boku: Boku is available as a deposit method at online casinos 2019, although remember there is a low deposit limits associated with these pay-by-phone-bill casino payment options. Boku casino payments are generally found in regulated gambling markets, with the general gist of the deposit, being that you pay for it later when it appears on your phone bill. Pre-paid phone users can also deposit their account balance at online casinos.

Staying safe when banking at online casinos

When depositing real money at online casinos you need to look out for certain things to ensure you stay safe. Always gamble at casinos in respected jurisdictions and do your research.

One of the biggest mistakes a punter can make is using a fake name at an online casino. Most of them will force you to verify your account to make a withdrawal and if you have used a false name you may be denied your payout.

When you are doing the aforementioned research, look for casinos with good reputations, read reviews on affiliate sites, look at other user experiences and always try to find a casino that uses https:// or secure sockets layer (128-bit to 256-bit) encryption.

Another important thing not to overlook is the customer service at the casino at which you are depositing. Does it exist? Is it 24/7 and does the website have an address displayed?

Also be aware that some banking transactions incur heavier transaction fees. For instance, on a $100 casino deposit on a standard Visa transaction you are looking at about a 2.7% transaction fee, or $2.70; while at a payment processor such as Western Union the fees can be as high as 16%.