Diners Club online casino deposits

Online casinos accepting Diners Club depositsDiners Club cards are not found frequently as a deposit method at online casinos, although some regulated operators have started to accept them.

The reputation of Diners Club being an elite card for rich people is a misconception, with the company also having plenty of cards suitable for the average person.

The credit card company, officially known as Diners Club International, is a credit card service which is owned by Discover Financial and is powered by credit giant Mastercard’s network.

Best online casinos with Diners Club deposits

The best online casinos accepting real money deposits with a Diners Club card are generally heavily regulated, with Diners Club putting premium restrictions on what vendors they allow to accept their cards. As more transparent bodies such as the UKGC take regulation to the next level, Diners Club continues to grow its gambling footprint. The following online casinos accept Diners Club payments:

Temple Nile Casino
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Step by Step: Deposit at online casinos with Diner’s Club

Step 1: Get a Diners Club card: Diners Club cards can be applied for via their website.

Step 2: Finding a casino: Choosing an online casino with Diners Club card deposits can be tough. In fact, if you are in the USA or another country with strict gambling laws you are unlikely to be able to use your card for a gambling deposit. Read our guide to choosing an online casino for further information about what is required during the sign-up process. The above casinos have all been vetted by the World Gambling List team, to find out if you are eligible to join them, read the reviews.

Step 3: Depositing at the casino: Depositing with Diners is a simple process and can be completed quickly after you have logged into a casino account. To quickly deposit visit the banking section of your chosen casino and select Diners Club as your deposit method. Enter in the details required, which will likely be your name, card number and possibly a security number, depending on the vendor.

Step 4: Verification: You will then be displayed a page confirming your Diners Club casino deposit. If your account balance has not updated, refresh the page. If it’s not showing after a few minutes contact the online casino’s customer service.

Diners Club withdrawals

It is unlikely that you will be able to withdraw from your online casino back to your Diners Club account, although the company does give its vendors the option to provide this service. Because of high fees it is unlikely many will take up this option.

Diners Club online casino deposits in the USA

It is very rare to find an online casino willing to take a Diners Club deposit if you are based in the USA. This however is changing quickly in 2019 with regulation coming to more forms of gambling. The problem slowing it down is that each state is in charge of the regulation, so as of writing there are only five states which have ratified online wagering, with only three of them having an active industry. Expect Diners Club to become far more common as a deposit method in the future.

If you are in a position where you see Diners Club at an offshore casino, it probably will be possible to deposit using this method, however, if the bean counters at Diners Club get antsy about your transaction they do have the right to close your account.