QIWI online casinos

Qiwi Wallet is a Paypal-like service that allows online casino players to deposit funds into their account.

Qiwi is a digital e-wallet payment method with some great security features, that allows players from countries such as Russia, Brazil and Jordan to make deposits.

The following online casinos all accept Qiwi payments. To find out if they accept players from your country read our reviews:

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How do Qiwi casino deposits work?

To initiate a Qiwi casino deposit you need to have signed up at an online casino supporting this method.

You will also need to have opened an account at Qiwi, which is 100% free and is available to both desktop and mobile users, with very little difference between using this payment method on either device.

After these two steps are completed you then need to initiate the casino deposit via the banking section of your chosen casino. After you have done this, entering in your Qiwi details, you will see an unpaid invoice in your Qiwi account.

You will have two options to pay this invoice and fund your account: pay the balance now with your existing Qiwi balance, or pay the balance with a card linked to your Qiwi account. If you have linked a mobile number to your account you are also likely to receive a code to confirm the transaction via your mobile.

Either way, after you have completed this step, soon after your money will appear in your online casino account.

Is there a fee attached to Qiwi deposits?

Most online casinos will not charge to deposit via Qiwi, but there might be fees per transaction charged by the money processing company, depending on the value of your transaction and several other variables. This fee is usually 2.5% of your transaction but it will be capped if you are spending a bigger amount.

What countries does Qiwi support?

Qiwi is the biggest web wallet in Russia, but the company is also active in Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Belarus, Brazil and Jordan.

How can I fund my Qiwi account?

In Russia, Qiwi is one of the most popular ways to transfer money around, largely because it has the facilities to allow customers to deposit money via ATMs. This means you can deposit cash into a terminal and then spend it digitally.

Other popular ways to fund your Qiwi account include linking a card to your account or doing a simple bank transfer.

Products offered by Qiwi

Qiwi has a number of different products available to its customers, including:

P2P Transfers: Person to person transfers is transferring money from one Qiwi account holder to another.

QIWI Visa Virtual: An online digital service that allows you to spend your Qiwi balance at merchants accepting Visa.

Qiwi Visa card: Much the same as your Visa Virtual, the Visa card can be used at online stores, including casinos just like a standard Visa.

Qiwi Visa plastic: The physical version of a Qiwi Visa, allows you to spend money at both physical shops and online.

Visa personal payments: Allows you to pay money to other Qiwi account holders.

Mastercard MoneySend: This allows you to send money from your Qiwi account to anyone holding a bank account in near-instant times.

Qiwi and Visa

Qiwi might be a stand-alone brand, but it is based on a Visa Prepaid account, with over 21 million registered users throughout Eastern Europe.

Because of these close links to Visa, Qiwi is widely accepted at online casinos and other online merchants. To use your Qiwi account like a visa you can link it to a virtual or physical prepaid card which will then work at retailers accepting Visa.

While Qiwi is not known as well in the Western world, the fact it is backed by Visa should instill most punters with some level of confidence.