Review shut down in September of 2017 and the domain has remained dormant since then. The owners of the website cited other projects and financial pressures of taking on high rollers among their reasons for shutting down. You can read more about bitcoin dice sites here. is one of our favourite bitcoin dice sites because it is so simple. Some dice sits you need to do some serious research before you are qualified to play, let alone win. has stripped back the complications, which we’ll explain below, and they have gained a good reputation through easy bitcoin deposits and fast payouts to winners.

If you are delving into bitcoin dice for the first time is an exceptional option.

The rules & gameplay

Unlike some bitcoin dice sites that throw up huge numbers, gives you a number between 0-99 when you ‘roll the dice’.

You are aiming to guess whether the number YOU have chosen will be higher or lower than the random rolled number, which is decided by an RNG.

Before you roll you can choose a number between 0-99. For instance you might choose 10 and then predict the number will be higher. Obviously the payouts will be lower because this is the likely outcome.

You can increase your odds by as much as you want, so you could theoretically choose your number as 2 and then predict it will be lower than that. Giving you a huge payout if a 0 or 1 comes out in the roll.

The two options when rolling are “Roll High” and “Roll Low”.

The house edge is determined by how much you bet each spin, the maximum it will be is 1 per cent for smaller bets. As you bet more the house edge decreases. You can see the rates here.

Signing up & depositing at

When you first visit you have an account made automatically for you. On the top right there is an “account” tab which allows you to set your username and password and potentially set up two-factor authentication. While it is smart to make an account, as long as you have cookies enabled you will be logged back into your account when you return.

When you are ready to fund your account you hit the deposit button and generate an address to send money from your funded bitcoin wallet to. Once you have sent the bitcoin it should appear in your account in a matter of seconds.

Bonuses & probably fair

The more you play the more free stuff you can get. By free stuff we mean free bitcoin. Like most rewards program the more you play the better you are treated.

You can also earn free bitcoin by sharing the website with your Facebook friends, admittedly it’s not much bitcoin, but it’s better than nothing.

Like most dice sites uses the provably fair system that allows players to look at the result of any roll and make sure that it was not tampered with. You can read more about provably fair dice games on our main page dedicated to this game.

The verdict

We are big fans of There is a communal feel with the chat box allowing comments between players. But it’s the fact they have simplified the oft complicated world of bitcoin dice games. We like the fact you can step straight in and start playing at a high level. It’s definitely a good entry level game for dice enthusiasts.

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