SatoshiDice Review

This SatoshiDice review will guide you through everything you need to know to successfully wager at this bitcoin-only dice gambling site.

The game is traditionally based on the blockchain with the basic premise based on getting higher or lower than a number dreamt up by the “Ghost of Satoshi”.

It’s hard to find a bad word about SatoshiDice on the internet, they claim to be the most popular bitcoin game on the web and it is pretty hard to argue.

2015: SatoshiDice sale momentous occasion for bitcoin

SatoshiDice was sold for USD $11.7 million at the start of 2015 and it was a watershed moment for bitcoin. It was the first time a bitcoin-based company had been snapped up because it was in demand.

To make the sale even more unusual it was paid for in bitcoin (126,315BTC) and the former owners gave some money to regular users of the website, to pay them for their generosity when the website was growing.

How to play at SatoshiDice

Satoshibet sign up pageTo get started at SatoshiDice you need to first agree to the terms of the website. These are pretty standard and are covering their arses in case people playing there are doing so from a country where gambling is banned.

If you are playing a session game you then need to deposit bitcoin into your account which you do by clicking the deposit button the left hand side of your screen. You can then either send bitcoin from your funded bitcoin wallet or scan the QR code with your hard wallet or mobile phone. It is generally only a few seconds until the funds appear in your SatoshiDice account.

The gameplay

Satoshidice gameplay screen

There are two different game types at SatoshiDice these days, the new session-based game and the traditional classic game.

Session-based game

The session-based game is when you deposit money to an account at SatoshiDice and you have a balance, allowing you to bet from your balance set amounts. This differs from the traditional game where it is based on the blockchain and you send your bets to different addresses. You use a slider to choose what you wish to bet on and the game is extremely quick.

How to win: Choose a number lower than the number SatoshiDice comes up with.

How to lose: Choose a number higher than the number SatoshiDice comes up with.

SatoshiDice block chain-based game

In the blockchain-based game bets are put on by sending bitcoins to the addressed supplied in the bet options table. SatoshiDice can see you have bet on this and will then calculate whether you win. If you do they will send your stake and dividend to your bitcoin wallet address.

The min and max bet amounts on each return are continually changing, depending how much cryptocurrency is in the pool.

Both a winning bet and a losing bet attract a 0.0001 fee which works out generously for players in the long run. A much lower house edge than you will find in casino dice games.

Tips & strategy for playing SatoshiDice

Patience, like most games, is the key to winning. You also then need to know when enough is enough. It’s a much safer practice at SatoshiDice to bet on winning small profits, rather than betting on long odds.

We find you can have a good hour session, chip away and often double your money by never straying any further than an 75-1. Or less than around 53,000. This allows you to make small profits regularly.

You realise if you continue to play for a long time you will lose, so when you get ahead in a session, call it a day. Whether it be doubling your bitcoin, or adding an extra 20 per cent.

Play now at Satoshidice

The verdict

SatoshiDice is at the forefront of bitcoin dice websites for a reason – because they provide a quality product, with a quality interface. The low house edge makes playing bitcoin dice games good for a number of reasons. It can increase your playing time and of course help you win more money.

In conclusion, we hope you can tell from our SatoshiDice review, that our feelings towards this website have not jaded from when we first reviewed it in 2014 to its current day operations in 2019. If you’re looking for a fun, social, dice game SatoshiDice has everything you could possibly be looking for.

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