Light Speed slot review

Light Speed is a three reel progressive online slots game by RealTime Gaming. This Light Speed slot review will teach you everything you need to know to successfully play this game.

The fact Light Speed is powered by RealTime Gaming and features a progressive jackpot means each casino featuring this game is hooked into the same prize pool, which slowly grows as more players across the web put money into the game.

Each credit is worth $0.25 and you can play up to three credits at once. To qualify for the Light Speed bonus and progressive jackpot you must play the maximum of three credits. Light Speed has a space age theme with symbols such as Martians, spaceships, stars, robots, planets and laser guns. The slot machines bonus symbol says “Light Speed”.

Where to play RTG slots games

RTG is a slots provider that specialises in providing games to countries where there are strict gambling laws, like the USA and Australia. This means there are very few countries this company stops the casinos it powers from operating in. Some of our favourite RTG online casinos featuring Light Speed are:

Light Speed slot overview

Light speed online slot reviewTo play you will need to fund the online slot machine. In the bottom right hand corner you will see three chips: $5, $25 and $100. Simply click the chips to add that amount of money to the machine. You can cash out your remaining balance any time you like so don’t worry about putting too many credits in. The next step is to make your bet. You can use the “Bet One” to bet up to three credits or click the “ Play 3 Credits” button to play the maximum, giving you the best odds and qualifying you for the bonus multiplier and progressive jackpot.

The payout table is located above the progressive jackpot amount which can be found in the middle of the screen above the reels. You can win between 1 and 2600 credits on a single spin not including the progressive jackpot. To win you will need to match up three similar symbols.

Light Speed wild symbols and bonus rounds

The wild symbol, which is a robot, can also be used to match any symbol other than the Light Speed symbol which activates the Light Speed payout multiplier. To the right of the pay table you can see information about how to win the progressive jackpot.

When you get a Light Speed symbol on the pay-line your Light Speed Meter will go up one. You can check your status by looking at the green flashing meters to the right and left of the payout table.

At the top of the screen there is also an area that shows you what bonus level you are at: 2x, 3x, 4x and so on. When you get your first Light Speed symbol all payouts will be double (2x). You can earn up to 7 times the amount of the standard payouts. When you win with a spin your Light Speed Meter will get reset to zero.

How to win the progressive jackpot on Light Speed

The progressive jackpot is won by having your Light Speed meter at 7x and getting three laser gun symbols on the pay-line. To win the progressive jackpot you must play the maximum of three credits ($0.75). When the progressive jackpot is won it is reset to $700.

The Light Speed slot is both fast and fun. The Light Speed meter really adds a lot of excitement to the game and offers a great way to win money. With the only credit denomination being $0.25 this slot is also available to slot players with small budgets.

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