Online slots tips for winning

Tips for winning on the online slots can often be vague, but there are some easy guidelines that you can follow to maximise your chances of winning. These include properly understanding the pay charts and the impact they have on your minimum and maximum bets and when you should gamble.

Why banking on an online slots strategy can be dangerous

It can be hard at times to recommend tips for winning at online slots. Truly, slots are basically a random machine, which means that winning is dependent on the luck and timing of the spin. This has always been the case, and little has changed over the years. But there are some recommendations that can still be made for the eager listener looking to turn around a run of bad luck and win on the slots.

The first key is understanding that the slots are random. Each slot machine does not really work off of the lever or button being pressed, but rather there is a generator inside each slot machine that is constantly putting out random number combinations. These number combinations relate to the different spinning wheels. These numbers are pushed out rapidly and are always going whether or not the machine is being used.

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Remember all slots are unique

Tips for winning at online slots

Knowing that, it is also important to understand that each slot machine is unique. Some slot machines have higher hit rates and others have bigger payback percentages. The higher hit rate machines, considered to be “loose” slot machines, generally have low payback percentages, meaning it is harder to hit the big payoff. On the other hand, the ones that pay off bigger aren’t as easy to get the wins on. For gamblers, it is impossible to tell which machine is set to which tendencies, however, you can ask a slot attendant and see if they will give you some tips on which machines appear to be loose or not. They may not give you good information, but sometimes the advice helps and they can steer you towards the bigger payout machines.

Since the loose slots are basically designed to draw people into the gambling and hook them, these machines are generally placed near the front of casinos and in other places where high volumes of people are. Sometimes there are even signs that point out a high hit percentage on the machines, which are actually just lures to try to get people to think they can win a lot on the machines. This is all designed to get people hooked on these low-paying, loose machines and eventually get them to spend all their coins.

Set yourself a loss limit when playing the slots

As far as the techniques and tips that can be given, the first thing is to give yourself a loss limit. This means that if you get to that amount, you need to quit. Don’t think your luck will change, everything is random. Be smart and set a good limit. Also, set a percentage of winnings that you will put aside. Don’t touch these winnings no matter what happens. Keep the money that is profit for you separate and don’t risk gambling away all of the money you win. This will help to maximise your earnings.

Really, slot machines all come down to smart play and luck of the draw. Although knowing the different sorts of machines that there are in the casinos and having a good strategy can obviously help a lot, it really all boils down to what sort of random numbers the machine gives out at the time you choose the spin.

Set yourself a realistic budget

When choosing what denomination you are going to play on your chosen slot game, consider setting yourself a smart limit, which can usually coincide with the length of the sessions you are plotting. This casino bankroll strategy is crucial to both maximising your online slots chances of winning and making sure you don’t overspend. For instance you could set yourself time and monetary limits like this:

Nickel machine: $9 per hour
Quarter machine: $45 per hour
One Dollar Machine: $180 per hour
Five Dollar Machine: $900 per hour

The table is based on a three-coin maximum bet with 10 spins per minute at a 90 percent pay out rate. To determine which level is best for you, you need to determine how much money you are willing to spend, and then estimate the amount of time you will be playing the slots. For example, if you are taking a four-day trip to Las Vegas and are a serious slot enthusiast, you will most likely spend five hours a day playing the slots, therefore spending 20 total hours. If you have a budget of $1000, then it would be most effective to play the quarter machines during your trip. When you begin to actually play, make sure to read through the machine payout table before inserting any money. The machine payout table shows the maximum amount of coins that can be inserted before each spin of the reels. To increase your payout odds, you should consistently insert the maximum amount of coins on each turn.

Know when to walk away from the slots

The biggest determinant in whether you will walk away from the casino with any winnings is knowing when to quit playing the slots. Many players make the mistake of hitting a large jackpot and then continuing to play, hoping that the machine will hit again. If you are lucky enough to hit a large payout, calmly take your winnings and leave the slot machine. This is the time to stop by the casino bar, and grab a drink to celebrate your slots winnings! If you don’t before long you won’t be leaving the casino a winner, instead you will be walking out having lost all of that jackpot.

Play online slots for better odds

Online slots generally offer better odds than their land-based counterparts for a few main reasons. These reason are usually because online casinos (that have online slots) will have lower overheads than a slots venue on land. This is for obvious reasons such as the rent on the building (which is often huge), staff costs and even the implementation of machines — it’s much easier to load a computer-based one than buy and install one at a venue.

The online slots world is also very competitive with 100s of online casinos stocking online slots. This means casinos have to give more back to the player than their land-based counterparts if they want to keep their custom. Another huge plus about playing online slots is that you can enter tournaments. Online slots tournaments can allow you to bet very little and play for ages, but still have a chance of winning big. Overall playing online slots is a more pleasing experience than the land-based offerings.