Top Apple Pay betting sites 2021

Apple Pay betting sites are frequently found in countries with regulated gambling, with this payment system linked to Apple products like Macs, iPhones and iPads. The best Apple Pay betting sites include some of the biggest brands in the world like bet365 and betway, although most modern online betting companies support this payment method. The best Apple Pay betting sites for 2021 are:

Best Apple Pay betting sites list

There are hundreds of online betting operators that would call themselves an Apple Pay betting site, with it simply meaning they accept this form of funding your account.

The best online betting sites accepting Apple Pay payments will generally have a high level of regulation, with it unlikely to be found in countries that don’t have regulated sports betting.

Because Apple Pay generally only works at websites with local regulation, it also means the standard of the betting sites its found on are generally better than sites with just Visa and cryptocurrency deposits.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment option that allows you to store you card details, or banking details, in the app on your smartphone. You can then tap pay in shops and even use it in betting apps to fund your accounts.

Betting sites in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, USA and much of the European Economic Union support Apple Pay, and it has quickly gained a foothold in the betting industry.

The top Apple betting sites will feature wagering on everything from popular US and UK sports, like basketball and football, right through to smaller domestic competitions of various sports right around the world.

Step-by-step: Apple Pay betting deposits guide

Apple Pay is a service provided by Apple that is available on their smartphones and tablets, that essentially allows you to buy things via apps, online and even in retail stores, without anything but your device. In this section we will break down Apple Pay betting deposits process into several easy steps:

  1. Set up Apple Pay on your smartphone

    This step simply involves visiting the “Wallet” app on your smartphone and adding a credit or debit card. This will include punching in your card number and BSB. You will also need to verify your card, which can be done by calling your bank or sending a text message to your smartphone.

  2. Find a bookmaker with Apple Pay deposits

    There are many online betting sites that accept Apple Pay as a deposit option and while most are of a high standard, we can only vouch for the brands offered on this page. Signing up at betting sites will involve handing over your personal details, like name, address, email address and date of birth. Keep in mind you need to verify your account so you must give the correct details over.

  3. Making your first betting deposit with Apple Pay

    Now visit the cashier or banking section of your online bookmaker and choose Apple Pay and the amount you wish to deposit and click Apple Pay. Follow the prompts and your account will be funded.

Apple Pay minimum and maximum betting deposits

Apple Pay minimum deposit is usually $10 or equivalent (depending on your currency) with this cross-checked against several of the top International betting sites.

The maximum deposit available via Apple Pay is likely to be around $10,000, with this the upper limit at many of the best bookies, including bet365 and betway.

If you have any queries about the maximum or minimum deposits, all of the Apple Pay betting sites we promote on this page have outstanding customer service departments.

Withdrawing cash and fees at bookies with Apple Pay

Unfortunately, Apple Pay does not allow you to withdraw using this service, instead most companies, after your account has been verified, will allow you to to withdraw with a bank transfer or wire.

Apple Pay also has zero fees for customers, although it’s worth noting that if you have linked a debit or credit card to your account and that has transaction fees, you will still be charged this amount.

We will update this page when Apple Pay improves its cash out services.

Apple Pay betting sites conclusion

Apple is one of the most well-known companies in the world, and other than the can of worms privacy issues that you could be upset by, it is a safe way to fund your online betting accounts in certain countries. The way it seamlessly allows you to make bookie payments from inside apps has certainly simplified the process even further and is a service that we will continue to use.