Bank transfers to gambling sites

To make a direct bank transfer to deposit funds into a casino or sports betting account you will need to access your internet or telephone banking.

As a general rule a bank transfer will be processed overnight, meaning you will not be able to begin betting immediately, although there are some payment processors around the world that could be coined as bank transfers which facilitate your money movement instantly.

To make a bank transfer, log in to your financial institution’s online or telephone banking portal and follow the prompts. For further assistance with completing a bank transfer, contact your bank or read our detailed guide to gambling deposit options.

Please Note: Bank Transfers made from Monday to Friday in business hours are usually processed overnight by your bank and funds become available in your betting account the following day. But often bank transfers made on the weekend won’t be processed until the Monday of the following week, although seven-day banking coverage is becoming more commonplace. Some countries (such as the USA and China) may take longer to process bank transfers.

Direct bank transfers

This simply means you are depositing money straight into the bank account of the gambling company that you wish to wager with. There are several methods you can use to begin the transfer, including visiting a physical bank:

Cash deposit: If you are lucky enough that the gambling site you wish to wager with has a branch in your city or town, you will be able to put the cash directly into the bank at the branch. This will be processed immediately and you will be able to begin playing. You will generally find out what kind of bank and its details by visiting the banking or cashier section of the your gambling site.

Most banks will still facilitate a cash deposit to a rival bank account for a small fee if you go in, in person. Depending on where you are based in the world this fee will vary.

Online banking transfer The most common way to fund your online bank account using a money transfer. Firstly you will have joined an online sportsbook or casino and visited the cashier section to find the details of the bank you wish to send the money to. Once you have these details, login to your internet banking. Select transfer funds and enter in the details of the bookie or casino, making sure you use any identifiers they have asked you to use. Most online transfers will appear in your gambling account within 24 hours, although most will give themselves a window of 48 hours for the money to hit your account.

Telephone banking: Much like online banking, telephone banking transfers begin by sourcing the details of the account you wish to transfer money to. After this, phone your bank and follow the prompts to transfer money; again don’t forget to put any codes or identifying details on your deposit.

Withdrawing funds from your gambling account via bank transfer

Withdrawing winnings from your gambling account is a simple process and one of the most common ways you will find online. To begin the withdrawal process visit the banking or cashier section and find the appropriate method. Select withdraw funds and then enter in your bank details when prompted. You will need both your bank code and account number to facilitate the transfer.

Your bank code is the identifier given from your bank’s central office to the branch at which you opened your bank account. It has varying names around the world, including Bank State Branch (BSB) in Australia and simply bank code in North America. Generally if you are withdrawing from a local gambling company the money will hit your bank account within 3-5 business days.

Withdrawing from an international gambling account

This is slightly more complicated because you will need to know your International Bank Identifier Code (IBIC) which can also be called Bank International Code (BIC) or your SWIFT code. Generally you will find this in your online banking account or via a simple search on your bank’s website.

To facilitate the withdrawal is much the same process, simply follow the prompts in the banking section of your gambling account. It will take longer than a local transfer and there are many variable attached to it. These include things such as how long it takes the gambling site to process your withdrawal and what country you are in.

Some countries already have integrated their bank codes into the International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN). You should be able to find this information with a simple Google search.

NB: Withdrawing to an international bank account often has a minimum amount attached to it. Other banks will charge you if a withdrawal is below a certain amount.

Sports betting sites accepting bank transfers

Almost every sports betting site on the internet will accept some form of bank transfer as it is one of the most common ways to fund your account. It is also a popular way to withdraw funds. The big benefit of using bank transfers when gambling is the large sums that you can move around with a minimum of fuss. Generally the deposit limit will be unlimited (this is different to your bet limit) but there will be a restriction on how much you can withdraw in one hit, or per month. The withdrawal limits via bank transfer and every other method are particularly prevalent when gambling with offshore sites because they don’t want to move large sums internationally.

Online casinos accepting bank transfers

If you are based in a country with regulated online casinos you will find it easy to fund your account via bank transfer. In fact, even if you are in a country without regulated online casinos it is a popular method, including in the USA and China which largely don’t have regulated gambling. In the situations where payment blocking is employed by governments intent on stopping money going to offshore gambling sites, the casinos may employ a banking processor which handles the payments and gets around these restrictions. Some casinos that do this well in the USA include and For the rest of us there is a plethora of online casinos available.