Apple Pay online casinos

Apple Pay online casinos 2019Apple Pay is a new online payment system that is becoming popular as a way of funding your casino accounts. The best online casinos with Apple Pay deposits all feature leading regulation, diversity of games and, of course, a world-class cashier.

In short Apple Pay is a web wallet that allows Mac, iPhone, iPad or any other Apple users to move money from the payment system to an online casino account or pay for items at retail outlets via the EFTPOS terminal. This article — Apple Pay online casinos — will teach you everything you need to know to successfully use this for gambling deposits.

Best online casinos with Apple Pay

Apple Pay as one of the cutting-edge payment systems to have emerged will operate only in countries where there is regulation surrounding online casinos, which means that you will only find it available at the best online casinos. They are the best casinos because they have to adhere to strict rules and use only leading casino software, which is also heavily regulated and ticked off by auditors. The World Gambling List strongly believes the following are the best Apple Pay online casinos:

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Step by step: How to deposit at casino sites with Apple Pay

While Apple Pay was formed in 2014, it has really been in the last few years that it has caught on as a serious online casino deposit option, which means many people are still unsure of how to use it for gambling deposits. This section will give you a step-by-step guide to depositing with Apple Pay at online casinos in 2019:

Step 1: Add a card to Apple Pay: From your Apple device you need to link a card to the “wallet” section of your software. This essentially sets up your Apple Pay payments to online casinos. Note, you must have a bank account with a brand that has a deal with Apple Pay, or you will not be able to link your card. During this process of adding your card, Apple could force you to download the app for your bank, if you have not already. This just helps verify your account.

Step 2: Choose a casino: This is the fun part. After you have set up your Apple Pay account you are now free to choose a gambling site that has Apple Pay as a deposit option. Because Apple Pay online operates in regulated gambling markets, it means the shady operators are highly unlikely to have this deposit method. The online casinos with Apple Pay we recommend are all frequented by the team at the World Gambling List and you can read more about them in the individual reviews.

Step 3: Joining the casino: After you have selected an online casino, you then need to create a new account. This should take only a few minutes but please note you need to give the correct details because you will have to verify your account after you have deposited. You will need to supply things such as your email, telephone number and address during this period.

Step 4: Using Apple Pay to deposit: You are now ready to use Apple Pay to fund your online casino account. This is as simple as visiting the banking or cashier section of the online casino you have signed up at. Choose Apple Pay as your deposit method and follow the prompts to finalise your payment. There will be a screen where you enter in the amount you wish to deposit, plus another where you are prompted to sign into Apple Pay, which can be done with a fingerprint, depending on your account settings.

Step 5: Verification and play at casinos: Generally to withdraw any winnings (which you can’t do with Apple Pay as of 2019) you will need to have verified your casino account. This is where Apple Pay can actually be of a huge benefit. Because you have already verified Apple Pay some online casinos are set up so that if you deposit with this method, they automatically verify your account. If you can’t verify with this method you may have to send in a scan of some ID and a utility bill. Technically you can play casino games without verifying your account, but we recommend getting it out of the way nice and early.

What countries can use Apple Pay for gambling deposits?

Even though Apple Pay is readily available at online casinos, because Apple Pay and its giant parent company have shareholders and regulators to answer to, they won’t allow gambling payments unless there is regulation surrounding online casinos in your country, or at the very least no laws banning online casinos. For instance this means Canadians and Kiwis are free to play at online casinos and use Apple Pay as their deposit method, but other punters, in Australia for instance, despite being in a country where Apple Pay is active, will not find it as a valid payment method at online casinos.

Apple Pay is active in:

* Countries where you can use it for gambling deposits have been italicised.

North America: United States, Canada

Europe: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Latin America: Brazil

Asia Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore

Apple Pay online casino withdrawals

Apple Pay does not process withdrawals from online casinos as of May 2019. We expect Apple to quickly make Apple Pay available for withdrawals, particularly as more places around the world demand it. We will update this when new information is available.

Apple Pay gambling deposit fees

Like most online casino deposit options there is a small fee for depositing with Apple Pay, which is often, at the discretion of online casinos, passed on to the player. With Apple Pay the fees per transaction vary depending on your region, but as a general rule the third party fees when you deposit to an online casino are an acquirer markup, a customer bank fee, fee from your card scheme and a payment method fee. There is also a flat rate of €0.10 per transaction inside Europe, while this is USD $0.12 across the rest of the globe.

Apple Pay questions and answers

  • What Apple devices support Apple Pay?: If you are on a phone, tablet or laptop using the iOS operating software, you will be able to set up Apple Pay. Just make sure your device — Mac, iPhone or iPad — has the latest software and you are then eligible to begin using Apple Pay.
  • Is Apple Pay safe? Apple Pay is part of Apple, which means they have plenty to lose if there are any security breaches. While there are no guarantees with online payments, Apple Pay is as safe as you can get, on their end at least. Just be sure to lock down your own PC security when making payments on the internet.
  • Why can’t I find Apple Pay as a deposit option at online casinos? This probably means you are in a country that does not have regulation. Apple Pay is commonly accepted as a casino deposit method in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and much of Europe. If you’re in a country where online casinos are banned you won’t find Apple Pay.
  • Can I use Apple Pay on my Samsung or Android phone? Apple Pay is exclusive to users of Apple devices. Android or Samsung users have got their version of Apple Pay, with a choice of Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Verdict: Apple Pay as an online casino deposit method

Apple Pay is really only in its infancy as an online casino payment method, but it is a safe and reliable way to fund your account. The fees are reasonable and on par with many other deposit options found at online casinos, while it is also relatively easy to set up if you are an Apple User.

The only real downside we can find with Apple Pay at online casinos is that it cannot be used to withdraw money from your account. This means you will have to use a different withdrawal method. On the upside Apple Pay is only found at casinos based out of the best jurisdictions, meaning you can use things such as local bank transfers to facilitate withdrawals quickly.

In conclusion, Apple Pay is likely to continue to blossom as a gambling deposit method, as more and more regulation is rolled out by governments around the world. Use Apple Pay at online casinos confidently if it is available.