Boleto Bancario casino deposits

Boleto, officially known as Boleto Bancario, is a popular Brazilian cash-based payment method, which has a huge market share in the country.

In terms of gambling deposits, there are many online casinos that accept Boleto as a payment method, and it is easy to use. The following casinos all have Boleto payments available, or scroll down for further information about Boleto.

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Boleto and presence in Brazil

Boleto is extremely popular in Brazil with a 15% market share among online payment methods. It is also the only real option for online spenders who don’t have a bank account, which is around 35% of citizens in Brazil.

How does Boleto work?

It is a voucher-based system which allows punters to exchange cash at shops, some banks and other retail outlets, online with internet banking or on mobile with a banking app.

Boleto then becomes like your digital credit card, or web wallet, which then allows you to pay for things like online casino deposits.

There are no credit limits on Boleto accounts, which is a handy plus for online gamblers, with the major downside being that the payment method is not instant. It can sometimes take 2-3 days for the money to hit your gambling account.

Other reasons to use Boleto include the safety net it provides, with only approved vendors supporting this method.

To have this payment method as a vendor is easy, with your store or e-business just needing to hold an account with Boleto Bancario. Online casinos based in other countries than Brazil use payment companies like Adyen to allow Boleto payments.

How long does a Boleto payment take?

With Boleto payments it can take up to three days for money to reach the vendor you have spent it at, which is not ideal for casino players who want to play instantly.

Basically this is because the merchant you spend the money at has to request the payment from the bank which originally took your deposit. This means there is some lag time between paying and your casino account being credited.