DiceCoin.io review

DiceCoin.io is a long-running bitcoin dice website with a strong reputation among players. This DiceCoin review will run you through everything you need to know about this operator and explain why BTC can be trusted.

DiceCoin, on top of operating with bitcoin, also accepts dogecoin as a deposit method, which is another popular cryptocurrency running off the blockchain.

DiceCoin has an email address and live chat for customer service and there have been minimal complaints about this dice game. While it may have less features than SatoshiDice, it is still a good platform for those wishing to play this type of game and some might find it more endearing because it is simpler to use.

DiceCoin also gives rewards to players for things like the biggest bitcoin bet of the day, or the most risky bet that payed off.

How to play at DiceCoin

Dicecoin bitcoin and dogecoin gambling siteLogging in and playing at DiceCoin is a simple process. Basically you need to send bitcoin or another alternate currency to your account address at DiceCoin. Your balance will then be updated, usually in a matter of minutes.

You then choose what you want to bet on. I.E. Choose the probability of your result coming out. You want to choose a number higher than the number which is rolled. Once you have done this you choose your bet amount and hit “roll dice”. The website will then generate a random number between 0 and 9999. The display then changes to show the result of the bet. The lower the number you picked the more money you will win.

There is also an auto play feature at DiceCoin which allows you to input certain things like how many rolls, how much you are looking to make or several others which then set the game in motion for the time you have inputted. This section can also allow you to play the Martingale Strategy – which is where you double your bet when you lose.

It is also possible to look through the roll history and your betting history. Your username and site-generated password are clearly displayed on the home page. We recommend writing this down.

Is there a house edge?

DiceCoin online dice gambling game

DiceCoin takes 1% of all winnings which is significantly less than the house edge you would find in other probability games at online casinos or land-based casinos. This means there is more money for the players.

Customers service at DiceCoin

You can contact DiceCoin at admin@dicecoin.io or via their live chat panel on their website –accessible on the bottom right of their homepage. We found their service to be prompt and professional.

The verdict

DiceCoin was founded in 2013 and was not the best site in its early days. It has been remodelled significantly since then and now provides a secure service to people looking to play dice.

While it’s not our favourite website, it certainly is functional and we happily recommend it as a safe site for bitcoin enthusiasts to play at.

In conclusion, writing this review of DiceCoin.io, was easy because the site is safe and provides a quality service to players.

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