It’s Good To Be Bad slot review

It’s Good To Be Bad online slot, by leading games provider RealTime Gaming, has three reels and one payline and also features a progressive jackpot with a twist, which we will talk about in this review.

Just as the title of the slots game suggests, it’s the only game out there that you want to lose in, with the progressive element of the game called the “Bad Beat Jackpot”. It uses a traditional theme with symbols such as cherries, bars and 7s. This slot can be played at two credit denominations: 0.25 and 1.00. Since there is only one pay-line and three reels the maximum bet is three credits.

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There are hundreds of RealTime Gaming online casinos online in 2019, however, not all of them are worth your time. Because RTG takes a stand-offish approach to its licensee operations, it really comes down to the reputation of the online casino. We believe the following online casinos are some of the best featuring the It’s Good To Be Bad online slot:

How to play It’s Good To Be Bad

It's good to be bad online slots reviewAs long as your online casino account is funded, you will have credit on the machine you are playing. The next step is to make your bet. You can use the “Bet One” to bet up to three credits or click the “Play 3 Credits” button to play the maximum, giving you the best odds and qualifying you for the bonus game and progressive jackpot.

To win you will need to line up symbols on the pay-line. The payouts range between 1 and 600 credits. Any cherry on the pay-line is an automatic winner. The more cherries you get on the pay-line the more you win. There are three different kinds of bar symbols, if you get any three on the pay-line you will also win but not as much as getting three of the same on the pay-line.

It’s Good To Be Bad bonus game

The bonus game is unique and will have you hoping you lose. To participate in the bonus game and the progressive jackpot you must bet three credits on the spin. Every time you do not win anything on a spin your “Loss Meter” goes up one. When you get to four losses in a row you will earn one free spin.

You can use this by clicking on the “Cash In” button located at the bottom left of the screen under the cash-out button. You can also take a chance and keep playing. If you lose two more times you will get two more free spins. If you get to 10 losses in a row you will have 45 free spins. After this point it starts to go up drastically, and this is where the decision gets tough. You can either cash them in or keep playing and take the chance on losing them all.

The more losing spins you get in a row the more free spins you earn. Every time you win your “Loss Meter” goes back down to zero. If you have won any free spins they also get taken away. This adds a unique edge to the game that WGL has not seen elsewhere.

The progressive jackpot can be won by losing 29 spins in a row. To the right of the payout table you will see a box with a guy that looks like the devil. Every time you win free spins he will make a noise and if you have a win and you lose your free spins there will be a noise like a gun shot. Under the devil you will find information on how many losses you have and how many more you need to get to the next level.

It’s Good To Be Bad slot verdict

Overall It’s Good To Be Bad is a very good online slots game with great value. It provides an edge to break up the boredom factor some slot players feel. No other slot will have you jumping up and down when you lose. But if we’re being brutally honest, while writing this It’s Good To Be Bad slot review we kept thinking there were better games to be playing.