X-Men slot review

The X-Men slots was a Playtech title that was discontinued in 2017, following Disney’s purchase of the superhero franchise. There are plenty more online slots that are available at the top online casinos.

X-Men slot overview and information

X-Men is another Marvel slot, published by Playtech in 2010. It is based on the Hollywood Blockbuster with Hugh Jackmann, Famke Janssen and Halle Berry. Similarities with those actors are obvious.

The bets start at $0,01 with this 5 reel and 25 line slot. The bets can be raised up to $5 per coin. Having the option to bet up to 10 coins per line, this adds up to $1250 per spin. Unbelievable!

Like all the other Marvel adoptions, X-Men excels in the categories action and high winning chances. The slot has a Wild Symbol, an extra Wild Symbol, a Scatter Symbol, the X-Feature, free games and the Marvel Multi Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot.

The Wild Symbol – called simply Wild in the game – replaces all the other symbols, except for the Scatter Symbol. Once two or more of those symbols appear, one gets the additional reward of the combined lines.

X-Men slot features and free spins

The Marvel slots from Playtech don’t only excel in action and high winnings – they also offer a unique and innovative feature, never before seen at any other slot, although this has changed over time.

The Scatter Symbol (X-Men logo) causes this feature to happen. It is called Unlimited Free Spin Feature. And this is not an empty promise. You get eight free spins in Villain Mode and unlimited free spins in Hero Mode.

Every time the Extra Wild Symbol appears on the middle reel, you change mode. In Villain Mode the Extra Wild Symbol is Magneto – in Hero Mode it is Professor Xavier.

The good thing is: You start in Hero Mode. The reels keep on spinning until Magneto appears on the middle reel… And this can take a long time. Having reached the Villain Mode, the eight free spins start to count down, possibly getting you even more winnings.

Once all the free spins of the Villain Mode are exhausted, the Free Spin Mode ends. This feature was one of the best new initiatives in 2011, but this style of game is almost dead in the water in 2020. Free spins with a length of up to 5 minutes are very common. It is self explanatory that really high winnings are possible this way (watch the video).

But this is not nearly everything the X-Men slot has to offer. Moreover there is the X-Feature and the Marvel Multi Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot. If the Super Heroes appear on the reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and form an X this way, the X-Feature is triggered and the player is granted a nice extra win (bet x5). Like any other Marvel slots from Playtech, X-Men as well is connected to the Marvel Mystery Jackpots, which you can get anytime within the game, no matter what the reels show…

X-Men slot review verdict

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All in all there is no chance to criticize X-Men in any way. The graphics, animation and sound are high quality as usual and the slot is entertaining and packed with action. What really makes it special is the Unlimited Free Spin Feature. Having never played a Marvel slot, one should definitely give X-Men a try… and hope, not to see Magneto on the reels – so the free spins stay the way they are supposed to – Unlimited!