Clippers burst into NBA title favouritism as sportsbooks slash odds

The LA Clippers have shot into betting favouritism for the NBA title following signing of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

THE Los Angeles Clippers’ recruiting blitz has seem them shoot to 2019-20 NBA title favouritism, in a crazy few days of the off-season.

The Clippers have been installed at +300, after being as long as +1600 earlier in the preseason, before they swooped on Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Leonard, fresh off winning the NBA Championship with Toronto, was lured to the Clippers but remarkably did not sign until they had also secured George.

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The pair are expected to form a lethal combination, with leading online betting sites tipping them to rule the NBA, with neighbours Los Angeles Lakers on the next line of betting at +400.

Milwaukee Bucks (+500), Philadelphia (+800) and Houston Rockets (+1400) round out the top five in betting for the 2019-20 season.

The Lakers themselves have been big movers in betting, although they have drifted from last week’s mark of +185, when the general consensus was they were getting Leonard as well.

We feel as though the Lakers at +400 is too short, with their support cast for Lebron James and Anthony Davis not as strong as the Clippers’ stacked roster.

However, there is still time for the Lakers to sign several veterans to complement their roster.

The 76ers look to be in the box seat in the Eastern Conference, and will boast the biggest starting line-up in the NBA for the 2019-20 season.

The USA is expected to finalise their roster for the FIBA Basketball World Cup being played in September over the coming month.

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