FIBA Basketball World Cup 5-8 Playoff predictions & free picks for September 12

FIba Basketball World Cup day 5 predictions

Welcome to our betting predictions and free tips for the FIBA World Cup 5th-8th place play-off games on Thursday, September 12, 2019. In this preview we are covering Serbia v Team USA, and Poland v the Czech Republic.

These are the play-off matches between the four quarter-final losers and the four teams will back up again on Saturday to complete the process of sorting out fifth to eighth places.

The World Gambling List will preview the remaining matches each day up to and including the third-place play-off and FIBA World Cup final on Sunday, September 15.

Here are our free picks, odds and predictions for day 13 of the FIBA World Cup.

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FIBA World Cup betting predictions for classification games 5th-8th

Serbia v USA Odds & Preview

Tip-off: 19:00 local time (GMT+8)
Head to head odds: Serbia $2.40, USA $1.58
Handicap odds: Serbia (+3.5 points) $1.91, USA (-3.5 points) $1.91
Venue: Dongguan Basketball Center

Tournament results:
USA (played 6: 5-1)
September 11: lost to France 89-79
September 9: d Brazil 89-73
September 7: d Greece 69-53
September 5: d Japan 98-45
September 3: d Turkey 93-92
September 1: d Czech Republic 88-67

Serbia (played 6: 4-2)
September 10: lost to Argentina 97-87
September 8: lost to Spain 81-69
September 6: d Puerto Rico 90-47
September 4: d Italy 92-77
September 2: d Philippines 126-67
August 31: d Angola 105-59

Serbia v USA predictions: In what some were predicting as a potential final of the FIBA World Cup, Serbia and the Team USA will do battle in the play-offs to decide positions 5-8. Could there be two more disappointed teams to find themselves in this position?

It’s really hard to imagine either team being particularly enthused at the prospect of playing for these minor placings after having some lofty expectations heading into the FIBA World Cup. This leads us to believe it will be a run-and-gun-style game, with neither team playing particularly hard on defence.

We think this style of contest will suit the USA, with their skilful, fast ball movement definitely a highlight of their play in China. This could lead to a blowout in the final score and margin and we’re recommending betting on the match being over 179.5 points in total, which is paying $1.88. Having said this be sure to keep an eye on an murmurings coming out of the US camp, and with a short turnaround and little to play for they are likely to give bench players extended minutes.

The Serbian coaching staff will be telling their team that any time the USA are beatable you need to take the opportunity with both hands. Again Serbia will be reliant on Sacramento Kings star Bogdan Bogdanovic to shoulder a lot of responsibility on the offensive end, while Nikola Jokic will need to provide attitude on the paint against the athletic USA.

Best bet: Bet on Team USA to cover the -3.5-point line at $1.91

Poland v Czech Republic

Tip-off: 21:00 local time (GMT+8)
Head to head odds: Poland $2.32, Czech Republic $1.62
Handicap odds: Poland (+3.5 points) $1.91, Czech Republic (-3.5 points) $1.91
Venue: Shanghai Oriental Sports Center

Tournament results:
Poland (played 6: 4-2)
September 10: lost to Spain 90-78
September 8: lost to Argentina 91-95
September 6: d Russia 79-74
September 4: d Ivory Coast 80-63
September 2: d China 79-76
August 31: d Venezuela 80-69

Czech Republic (played 6: 3-3)
September 11: lost to Australia 82-70
September 9: lost to Greece 84-77
September 7: d Brazil 93-71
September 5: d Turkey 91-76
September 3: d Japan 89-76
September 1: lost to USA 88-67

Poland v Czech Republic predictions: Poland and the Czech Republic have been gallant at the FIBA World Cup, but ultimately fell short against better teams in the quarter-finals.

Poland were outpointed by the impressive Spain but there were some definite highlights, with AJ Slaughter scoring 19 points and Adam Waczynski 15, in what was their country’s first appearance at the FIBA World Cup since 1967.

The Czech Republic were soundly beaten by Australia as they ran into a red-hot Patty Mills, but they did fight the match out well, eventually losing by 12 points.

While there is not much betting interest in this game, we think the Czech Republic can win this convincingly and will cover the -3.5-point line, which should give you odds of around $1.91.

We also think both teams will want to put on a bit of an exhibition so expect it be free scoring, which means the teams are likely to beat the over/under mark of 163 points.

If you think Poland can win this game the $3.18 odds on offer for them to win by between 1-10 points looks a solid bet.

Best bet: Czech Republic to win and cover the -3.5-point line.

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