Welcome to our Big Bash League tips hub, where you will find every game of the 2020-21 BBL previewed by our cricket experts. 

Big Bash League tips

There are some non-negotiable BBL tips that you should apply to your thinking when wagering on Australia’s top T20 competition, these include:

Know your BBL teams

The Big Bash League, especially in Covid-19 times, has become a revolving door of international talent and often a team’s line-up can change dramatically in the second half of a season, creating some great betting opportunities. For instance West Indies captain Jason Holder starred for a small stint of Sydney Sixers games, but eventually returned to the Caribbean. 

Understand Big Bash League conditions

Another important BBL tip is to always check out the conditions before betting on games. If a pitch is spinning it can have a huge impact if one team has gun proponents, while the other has better seamers. 

Spinners are dominating in the 2020-21 BBL season

At the time of our last update to our BBL tips hub, six of the top seven bowlers in the BBL were spinners, which you should remember when placing exotics on the bowlers. 

Multis can be a BBL punter’s best friend or worst nightmare

Australians have an absolute love affair with multibets, that allow you to bet on the outcome of several different events on the same ticket. BBL multis can allow you to build some decent odds betting on favourites, who often win in this T20 competition. Just remember that the more legs you put in, the more room for error there is. 

Deep batting is imperative in the BBL

We tend to find teams that bat deep in the BBL, because wickets can tumble quickly and often expose the lower orders early. The teams that have gun all-rounders or some heavy hitters stashed away down low often shine on the T20 stage. 

Who writes our BBL previews?

Our BBL previews are written by respected journalists and cricket enthusiasts, who take great pride in finding a result and tipping our readers into some winners. Some of the things we look for when writing our Big Bash League betting tips include: 

  1. Always take the value when betting on the BBL

    If we mark a contest as close to 50-50 we will always take the underdog, largely because in the long run there is more value in better odds. 

  2. Finding you the best BBL odds

    Often our BBL previews will include advice on where to bet, how to bet and how to secure the best odds. There can be glaring discrepancies in how bookmakers handicap BBL games and we look to cash in at every opportunity. 

  3. Team news and advice

    Often BBL teams can change from one game to the next, our BBL previews will often highlight these changes and predict how they will impact the outcome. 

  4. BBL winner predictions

    Our BBL prediction will always be included towards the foot of our previews, with our writers having no problem putting their reputations on the line. It is important to remember that often, we will say, stick to the exotics in this game, because anything could happen, which can be just as smart as betting on a winner sometimes.